Miracles of Medicine: Curing Sleep Apnea Can Reverse Alzheimers!

If you suffer from Alzheimers, check your sleep patterns. Its possible your Alzheimers is not due to the disease at all. It could be caused by sleep apnea. And it is also possible a visit to a dentist could restore your memory.

You read that right — a dentist might be able to give you your memory back. Take Dr. Richard Coe as an example. Dr. Coe is a 68-year-old, conventional family physician from Tacoma, Washington. How he escaped from Alzheimers is a fantastic story.

In 1999, Dr. Coe was noticing mistakes in his medical work. His short-term memory was hit hard. He was dropping doses and numbers from his prescriptions. His wife noticed his growing difficulty making decisions and increasing fatigue. As a veteran, he got a full VA evaluation from two experts and three private doctors. After hours of formal cognitive testing, all five agreed that he had Alzheimers disease. That was in August 1999. The following month, he dropped out of practice.

He continued to gradually deteriorate. By December 2003, he felt ready to die. He could not get enough sleep, ran on empty, and could do his yard work for only one hour a day. His astute wife noticed that he had significant snoring and sleep apnea. She was already seeing Dr. Robson for a TMJ dysfunction and was doing well. She suggested that he see Dr. Robson.

Dr. Coe, an orthodox physician, admits he was 100% skeptical that a mouth splint could correct his sleep problem. Nevertheless, he went to see Dr. Robson in early 2004, mainly to please his wife. The following day, I felt extremely good, he noted. I never had an improvement that good. My wife said I was brighter and not moping around like I had a black cloud over my head. I slept through the night for the first time in years. And my memory was returning.

Dr. Coe, formally diagnosed with Alzheimers disease and retired from practice in August 1999, returned to full-time work on July 3, 2004. He would have started back on April 1, except that malpractice insurance was not immediately available.

Dr. Robson has turned my clock back at least 15 years. My memory and energy are as good as ever. I had only 12 visits with him. Even Dr. Coes long-term problem with depression was improved. My treating physician, an internist, does not believe the story, he told me. But I am telling everyone I can!

Friend, this is a case of diagnosed Alzheimers that is been completely cured! Is it possible many cases of Alzheimers are caused by sleep apnea? Definitely!

Dr. Robson is devoted to teaching other dentists his methods. Have your dentist call Dr. Robson to get more information about his training sessions.

Reverse Deadly Squamous Cell Skin Cancer Naturally

I’ve written many times about how artemesia can help all kinds of cancers. Heres a dramatic story from veterinarian Leland Gross, DVM.

Tabby, a 14BD-year-old cat, had a squamous cell cancer on it is nose. The cancer had eaten away the whole nose to face level. Dr. Gross says squamous cell skin cancers in cats are similar to humans, they are sun related and can be aggressive.

He dissolved 100 mg artemisinin (from NutriCology) in a small amount of 50% DMSO. He then applied it directly on the cancer at least twice daily.

You may remember artemisinin, an herbal extract that you first read about in these pages three years ago. Artemisinin is the worlds number one treatment for malaria. However, it has the ability to kill cancer cells by the same mechanism that it kills malaria.

Its important to remove scabs and apply it directly to the tumor. Dr. Gross also gave the cat artemisinin orally — 100 mg, three times a week. That would be the equivalent of seven mg per pound in an adult human.

Within four to six weeks, the cancer was gone and the nose of Tabby eventually grew back completely! And the amazing thing, when the nose grew back, it came in pink, just like a newborn cat. It then developed pigment spots, which filled in completely, just like normal kitten development.

I’ve had other cases, in humans, where superficial cancers have regressed after applying artemisinin. This is exciting news, since surgery can be disfiguring even if successful.

I am eager to get feedback on topical artemisinin. If you happen to try it while awaiting conventional therapy, please let me know your experiences.