Ebola Battled By Health Hero Robert Rowen MD In Sierra Leone With Ozone


Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues and Everyone in my life,

First, I want to give a deeply felt thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Ebola humanitarian mission now under way with collaboration between Dr. Howard Robins and myself. In just 3 weeks, well over $30,000 USD has been received in his Rotary Club’s Foundation, inclusive of donations from overseas that will be used to battle ebola on the frontlines in Sierra Leone.

Without your very generous contributions, we could not have pulled off acquiring everything we needed and the cost of transport. Our airline has gone out of its way to see to it that the 24 boxes of cargo will be with us on our flight into Sierra Leone. We leave in just a few hours. Even my mother (92 y.o.) has realized the threat the entire world faces and has blessed me on this trip, after a rough start for her. Thank you mom!

Ebola news is getting worse by the day. Our mission is to demonstrate that Ebola, at least in early stages, can be actually cured with ozone therapy. We are confident enough in it that we are putting ourselves in harm’s way to do this. Rest assured, we are not intending to treat Ebola patients ourselves, but to train local health providers from all over West Africa who will be coming to our talks and trainings.

The situation regarding Ebola is grave worldwide. And, if not in the present day, there will come the next pandemic. Our goal is to show the world that there is a simple, safe, effective therapy that can cure the most dreaded disease the world has ever known for about 10 USD. And, we will need to be around to train others.

We are taking absolute precautions, even though we won’t be in an Ebola center. To us, everyone now is a carrier. Additionally, we will be treating ourselves with ozone every day.

Thank you for your prayers, positive thoughts, etc. We need it all. I will be sending back updates which will be posted on my Facebook page Dr. Robert Rowen. We certainly hope that our findings will be positive enough that the media, now captured by the spreading epidemic, will pick up that there is hope and let the world know.

My love to you all,