“I Just Knew Things Would Get Better If Only I Could Choose a Positive Attitude”

“If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.” Proverbs 24: 10
Why is it so easy to listen to good advice but not apply it? Change is something we all resist. Insanity is doing the same thing evey day and expecting different results. It takes a lot of creativity to face the same unpredictable cirmstances and deal with them in a different way.

Some days, I definitely feel stressed because I feel helpless, trapped by my circumstances.
With my dad perched between life and death, every day is a challenge to choose a positive attitude. It is frustrating when you cannot make any major life changes because the situation is out of your control. You just don’t know from moment to moment what will be happening. Every thing is in God’s hands no matter what is happening

The big surgery is scheduled for a week from this Wednesday.
The surgeon will place the stent in dad’s major aortic artery to bypass the aneurysm. We are scared he will die before the surgery from the aneurysm bursting and terrified he will not survive the surgery.

Each day is so precious.
Every morning when I go into his room for the diaper change and he is still alive is a good day. Everyone that knows my dad feels he is one of the sweetest, kindest people they have ever met.

I often wonder if it is selfish to try to keep him here on earth…to enjoy his optimistic attitude and kind and caring spirit.
If I was in his shoes, it would be pretty difficult to be positive and not angry at my fate in life…very angry at God for crippling me in my last days and making me totally dependent on those around me.

It is one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had.
It was a horrible experience when I was totally dependent on others when I was sick or injured. It is hard to imagine what it must be like experiencing that same reality for almost a year and half.

One of the great joys and sorrows of life is to be around those you love who are slowly dying.
It is a blessing for them to know that their time is near and their spiritual rewards within sight. It is sad for us because there are so few people who are such great examples of kind, loving, compassionate people that we should be like, but are not.

The Zuranski original health crisis continued below:
“My personal biorhythms are low and I am having a hard time keeping positive!” by Ralph Zuranski

Sometimes, it is hard to keep a positive attitude when things are not going according to my life-plan!
I know. I know! Events occur daily that have nothing to do with my own personal projected path in life. Everything was going great. Then everything changed when mom an dad got sick.

Who would have ever imagined both parents would have quality of life threatening diseases within 60 days.
This issue keeps circling around inside my mind, like a broken CD playing the same song over and over again. To fight against the way things are in reality is not wise, but I continue to ask “What if.” The is not healthy. It shows I want to live in the past and dont’t want to face reality.

Low biorhythms seems to be contributing to my lethargy and dissatisfaction with this time and space.
After studying and using biorhythms to my benefit for over 34 years, I realize now is not my most effective writing time. My physical, emotional, intellectual and intuition cycles are in the recuperation state. I did not feel like working on the blog for the last three days.

From past experiences, my best strategy would be to rest and recuperate.
But, in this blog it is important to see the range of emotions that individuals experience when their moms and dads are ill. I don’t know anyone who is positive all the time…having victory over all the trials and tribulations of life. Only phonies say they are not affected by the ups and downs of life.

Choosing to be happy is sometimes so hard, it is not worth the effort.
If things are occurring in your life that are an extreme challenge to your positive attitude, sometimes it is better just to experience grief and get over it…at how your life has changed. If you remain positive all the time, people around you think you are very strange at best or insane at worst…a robot or some type of alien.

The last two days I was having an extremely tough time.
My dad consciously or unconsciously pulled his nasal feeding tube out AGAIN. He still cannot swallow and the tube is his life line. But, having a tube down your nose obviously sucks big time. Wouldn’t you want to pull it out also?

On the way back from the more comprehensive hospital where he got the tube reinserted again, the attendants in the ambulance thought my dad was dead.
His breathing was so shallow, they assumed it was “curtains.” Luckily, there was a respiratory therapist in the ambulance. She hooked him up to pure oxygen and he recovered immediately.

Why can’t they keep dad on oxygen all the time.
Oxygen pulled my mom out of her congestive heart failure. When people are close to death, the first thing they give them is oxygen. Why wait until they are almost dead?

I breathe oxygen all the time, just to optimize my health.
After 40 years of research, the food most people are not getting enough of is OXYGEN. When I discovered my oxygen saturation levels (the amount of oxygen in my blood) were low, I started breathing pure oxygen while sleeping. My health experienced a quantum leap. I am the ultimate advocate for breathing oxygen anytime…anywhere.

Oxygen is the food we eat the most.
You can only survive for a few minutes with out oxygen. Virtually every cellular process requires oxygen as a part of the energy creation process called the KREBS Cycle. Breathing oxygen is one of the big secret weapons in the war on aging and life destroying diseases.

When I started exercising with oxygen, I felt 30 years younger.
I have two oxygen concentrators and breathe straight oxygen with a mask while I ride a “Health Rider” for 20 minutes each day. I use bungie cords to increase the resistance. This is one of the biggest hidden secrets of rejuvenation and revitalization. Exercising with oxygen pumps oxygen to every cell more effectively and faster than anything I know…except for perhaps hyperbaric oxygen.

Oxygen is the food the cells are missing.
The oxygen levels because of pollution and deforestation are much lower than in the past. Sometimes the oxygen levels drop so low in the cities and industrialized cities, people die at an accelerated rate. The Japanese realize this and actually have “Oxygen Bars” where you can go and saturate your cells with pure oxygen.

If only they would give my dad oxygen all day and night, he would improve faster.
I am so frustrated none of the suggestions of the doctors in the Alternative Hall Of Fame can be applied until we get dad home. All the doctors recommended hyperbaric oxygen immediately, Nattokinase, Vitamin C and brain food. I really wish we lived closer to my doctor friends.

I am confident the Acuscope and Myopulse also would accelerate his healing and improve his swallowing.
After working on thousands of patients in Asia, Mexico, South America, Canada, the middle East and the United States over 20 years, I know the acupuncture, meridian and trigger points that relieve pain and muscle spasms fast. The instruments are amazing in their ability to help the cells heal themselves so the body can eliminate pain and muscle spasms.

In fact, talking about a pain in the neck…Janet has a stiff neck and the instruments really help her.
I trained her in 1992 and keep trying to get her to work on herself, but she likes my personal touch. Even though Janet worked on thousands of patients with the Acuscope, Myopulse and Synchrodyne she did not believe they worked until she was sick and in pain. When she saw each patient improve in a short period of time, their success did not impress her. She just assumed it was a placebo effect.

After Janet’s car was totaled two years ago and her back fractured, she came to be a real believer.
The instruments were the only things that gave her relief from the unrelenting pain. They speeded the healing of her back and minimized the pain. Finally, she is a real believer and is thankful we own each instrument.

Actually, she is calling me now saying, “Honey, I am ready.”
“Get in here now. The Queen is in pain!” Of course, I am kidding. Janet and I love humor, especially hyperbole, exaggerating things so severely they are too funny for words.

To Be Continued…..

“How Fast Events Change in a Blink Of An Eye” by Ralph Zuranski

Well you guessed it… another unexpected change occurred in the blink of an eye.
Somehow, somewhere, there was a mistake made. Before the surgeon’s consultation on Wednesday, they were expecting my dad to go into the hospital on Tuesday, today, to have an angiogram.

I was informed by a medical tech that when the aneurysm gets to about six to 7 mm that it is in danger bursting. My dad proudly proclaims that his was 5.7 mm. The doctors need to go and do the angiogram just to see how big the aneurysm actually is. The idea is to find out whether a stent, a artificial tube that goes inside the artery to keep it from bursting can be inserted without open abdominal surgery. They say it can be inserted through an artery in the leg.

I don’t have much time to say more, because I have to get my dad ready to go to the hospital right now. I appreciate your prayers for my family and my dad. If it is not too much trouble, please keep us in prayer. Late today we will know what his options are, if he even survives the angiogram.
This is another installment of my dad’s illness last year.

“What can you do to help your loved ones trapped in a hospital in the conventional medical system?” by Ralph Zuranski

On Saturday, May 30, Janet and I drove to the hospital to spend time with my father, fearful of what we would find.
We were hopeful but, when we first saw him again we were stunned. Dad barely moved. His eyes appeared glued shut. The left arm and leg just lay there immobile. The left half of his face was slack. The feeding tube going in the nose and down the throat was taped to his skin. The catheter tube drained urine mixed with blood into a clear plastic bag.

Sometimes, life seems like you are trapped in a horror movie.
With all the tubes, vigilant machines whirring, blinking and beeping it seemed like a science fiction movie. Unfortunate humans were hooked up to all manner of machines. The hybrid mechanical-computerized devices appeared to have a life of their own. Each communicated with the others with strange squiggly lines of computer code. The tubes attached to the human bodies like snakes, sucking the very life out of them. A scene from the first “Matrix” movie flashed across in my mind, with the main character hooked up to myriad numbers of tubes, providing power to run the destroyed world.

The hospital environment was surreal, a nightmare of intense images.
The quiet whispers of visitors, wondering if their loved ones would recover and by how much, sounded like millions of cockroaches scurrying across the floor, in search of food at any cost. To see my dad in this predicament broke my heart. Janet and I forced back tears of sorrow. We bravely put on happy faces, just in case dad would open his eyes.

Communication was difficult…almost impossible.
“Dad, dad, can you hear me? It’s Janet and Ralph.” I said quietly, with reverence. He opened his eyes slightly for a second then closed them. He mumbled something we could not understand. We could see he was in pain. What could we do to help ease his suffering?

What can you do to help your loved ones immediately recover from tragic events?
This is a real challenge. You do not want the nurses and doctors freaking out! You cannot take into the hospital any advanced technology. It does not matter even if you are a internationally recognized expert.

The first thing we did was lay our hands gently on his body and prayed that God would heal him and stop his pain.
When you feel powerless, prayer often appears to be the only option. After many years treating patients in doctors offices, the power of prayer cannot be underestimated. Recent studies show dramatic improvements in patients when people pray for them, even if their are on the other side of the world.

Then we each held one hand, as tears rolled down our cheeks.
Human touch is so powerful and calming to patients. After studying energetic medicine for over 20 years, it is my firm belief that healthy people transfer healing energy directly into sick or injured individuals directly through through touch.

At every opportunity we would touch my father and transfer healing energy into his system.
For those of you familiar with the reflex energy points on the hands, feet and ears, you know the power of human touch. Massaging the hand, feet and ears can have a very beneficial effect on individuals.

Life Field Polarizers are also very powerful in helping to balance the subtle energy of the body.
These strange looking white, cone-shaped devices are powerful antennas that absorb energy and then convert it into a form that strengthens the energy fields of living systems. I decided to bring one on the next visit to place directly on my dad’s body to speed his healing.

After a couple of hours our shift was up.
Dad was sleeping so we quietly left the hospital room. My mind was racing at an incredible speed, thinking of things we could do that would help dad without drawing unwanted scrutiny from the doctors and staff.

To be continued….