Ralph Zuranski Inducted Into HealthyDoctors Hall Of Fame In 2001

Ralph Zuranski was born May 9, 1949 at Mercy Hospital in San Diego. He was 3 months premature and weighed only 3 pounds, 8 ounces. The miracle is he survived this early trauma.

The tragedy is his early years were plagued with chronic sicknesses, hyperactivity, delayed growth, rotting teeth, poor vision, bursitis of the ankles and numerous unexplained physical pains.

Comic book super heroes like Superman and Batman provided a vehicle to escape a hostile world. At times the physical and emotional pain were so severe, Ralph created a hero in his mind to help him survive. This hero was strong, handsome, and intelligent. He had a perfectly muscled body and could overcome any obstacle.

A poor diet was a major contributing factor to Ralph’s health problems. Candy, soft drinks, donuts, pastries, and ice cream were eaten in large quantities. When he arrived home, the perpetual diet of spam and fish sticks was not appealing. The incredible amounts of sugar and caffeine caused hyperactivity, poor scholastic performance, and disciplinary problems.

A choice had to be made–death or life. The unnamed hero Ralph had created so many years ago would not let him give up. Finally, after days of reflection the decision was made.

Life! In one of the comic books, an ad for Joe Weider protein and a course on how to build the body of a super hero provided the inspiration. A set of free weights combined with a book on nutrition by Adele Davis were the tools for transformation.

In January of 1974, Ralph decided to go back into tennis and give tennis lessons. He studied organic farming on the side and became a vegetarian, one of the early crusaders for protecting the environment.

Ralph became a health counselor and tennis instructor for a successful local band. He traveled to concerts with them, helped them with nutrition and acted as a bodyguard. He had money, recognition, beautiful women, an apartment on the beach, but no happiness.

At this time, a friend turned him on to the science of biorhythms. Ralph read every book and analyzed his life. The biggest mistakes had been made on unstable days predicted by biorhythms. Ralph realized if he had known about biorhythms, he could have saved himself a lot of grief, agony, mistakes, and injuries.

He became a biorhythm advocate and decided to clean his mind and body. He tried to teach people about biorhythms and how to cut down on accidents and injuries. His research led to the realization of the percentages of biorhythm compatibilities that created the strongest male/female relationships. Unfortunately, no one was interested. The science of biorhythms was too new, and ridiculed.

Ralph wanted to find ways of balancing the body and strengthening the mind and emotions. He was tired of life being like a roller coaster. He assumed that if he became healthier, expanded the powers of his mind, and developed his emotional stability, he could minimize the fluctuations in his life energies and have a balanced existence.

He then moved into Point Loma Tennis club with a childhood friend and started giving tennis lessons again. Family fitness Centers was just beginning. He became a marketing and health research consultant to Family Fitness Centers. He received the best Technical Directors award in 1980.

He researched the Holistic Health Industry by becoming a Holistic Health Guinea Pig. He created a sales presentation manual that was used for 2 years, trained the fitness staff on the use of the high tech exercise equipment, and developed the Professional Personal Fitness Trainer Program.

Ralph has worked for many different companies involved in advanced health research for the last 24 years. The information contained on the pages of Healthydoctors.com was accumulated over this time period. The site is dedicated to those individuals who helped and inspire him and others to experience the joy of health.