Ebola Battled By Robert Rowen MD With Ozone Therapy In Sierra Leone Update 1-8-15

Robert Rowen MD battles ebola with ozone therapy.

Thank you for your warm response to my outreach to general medical information here. I’ve heard your responses and am happy to oblige. So, let’s get to business.
International news just reports a “breakthrough” in antibiotic development. A soil organism has been found to produce a compound that kills some nasty bacteria, and seems safe, at least in rodents.http://www.scientificamerican.com/…/promising-antibiotic-d…/

This should come as no surprise. All organisms in nature have evolved special methods to protect themselves against competitors, whether highly evolved mammals or bacteria. In case of the latter, these compete for survival against millions of other organisms, so we can expect further discoveries of natural compounds like teixobactin.

But here’s what wiki has to say about the chemical:
“In early 2015, human clinical trials of teixobactin were estimated to be at least two years away. One of the co-discoverers of the antibiotic estimated it would cost “in the low 100 millions” of dollars to develop a teixobactin drug over five or six years. Pharmaceutical companies have been reluctant to make such investments in new antibiotics, because their wide prescription is likely to be discouraged so as to retard development of resistance, which is now considered almost inevitable.”

So, consider what you’ve been reading about on this page – ozone therapy. Even IF teixobactin is 100% safe, which is about impossible, and even if it is “slow for germs to become resistant to it” as the pundits predict, you can be sure that every cowboy doctor will be prescribing it when it becomes available and it won’t take that many years for bugs to get resistant. This is one reason why Pharma giants are reluctant to develop new antibiotics. They want to make their bazillions, which they cannot do if germs become resistant.

So, consider ozone/oxidation therapy. Microbes have had BILLIONS of years to get resistant to these. They’ve failed! How do we know? Simple. UV light from the sun still kills germs immediately after 4.5 billion years of our solar system’s existence. And the immune system of every mammal creates oxidants to kill invading organisms. Even human white blood immune cells make ozone! Ozone, the best of these oxidants, punches a lethal hole into a bacterium instantly, causing it to hemorrhage its guts out. No resistance to a bullet-like hit.

Ozone therapy is not patentable. It is essentially 100% safe. I’ve used it for decades to assist immune systems to purge infections. Same for ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy. Sad we’ll not see these methods easily. You would think that our now proven cure of Ebola with ozone would be rocking the world. Well, if the power to heal is not in the hands of the profiteers, the chair doesn’t rock. I do hope with your help, the word about oxidation therapies will spread.

Teixobactin is still years away, and will be quite expensive if it hits the pharmacies. And, you can be sure that savvy germs will learn how to deal with it, as they have with once invincible penicillin. But ozone is here now. And its power crosses the realm of both viruses AND bacteria, something no drug can do.

Please know where your nearest oxidation therapy practitioner is, in the event you contract an infection. I’ve listed many I’ve personally trained on our small office website.

And, I thank you again for your interest and in “liking” in my page. I will oblige with more medical postings, and the more interest and “likes” of the page, the more postings for your entertainment AND education.

The next will be on a miracle we saw in our office yesterday in a patient with horrific pain. That case was videoed “before and after” and is posted on my you tube channel “RobertRowenMD”. I’ll be telling you about this case in a future post here, but please check it out at:https://www.youtube.com/watch…

His INSTANT response shocked every one in my office and brought his wife to tears.

Potential drug kills pathogens such as MRSA — and was discovered by mining ‘unculturable’ bacteria.


Your Medical Servant,

Robert J. Rowen MD