Do You Want To Help You Kids And Grandkids To Be Healthy?

Are you healthy physically, emotionally and intellectually?

Are you trying to find the solution to unbearable health challenges?

Do you feel overwhelmed by life?

My name is Ralph Zuranski. I am the creator of the educational website. My motto is “Parents and Grandparents rise up! Get healthy physically, emotionally and intellectually because your kids and grandkids need your help now.”

First, I will tell you my story.

Life has been tough, especially caring for my mom and dad for 3 years 24-7 after they suffered catastrophic illnesses. Dad suffered a massive stroke that paralyzed him on the right side in June of 2004. Mom battled congestive heart failure beginning two months earlier.

Taking care of them in their own home was the fulfillment of a promise I made long ago, without realizing the consequences. It was the most difficult but rewarding time of my life. If you have not faced this incredible challenge, you soon will.

My dad survived almost exactly one year after my mom died. The four years of taking care of them adversely affected my physical, emotional and financial health.

Now that I am getting older, it is time to get healthy physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Back in 1980-1981, I was the Technical Director of Family Fitness Centers in San Diego in charge of health research. To educate members about the advances in natural health therapies, I created the Holistic Health Guinea Pig Program.

My job was to test out the Holistic Health therapies that were taking the health spa industry by storm. Some of the therapies were: homeopathy, rolfing, postural integration, nutrition, yoga, stretching, colonics, ambidexterity training, irridology, brain integration, Chiropractic, acupressure, Swedish massage, hand and foot reflexology, auricular therapy and energetic medicine. Surprisingly, my physical, emotional and intellectual health improved.

I was amazed. Most of the therapies really made me feel and perform better in all areas of my life. My body and mind wellness levels increased.

I was so impressed, I invited the doctors and therapists to come into the Family Fitness Centers. They shared their therapies with members. It was a real win/win situation. Many members also benefited from the therapies.

At that time, I was young and impetuous. Health, big muscles and amazing conditioning were my religion. My body was my shrine to extreme fitness and sports.

Everything is now different.

I am ready to start from square one to rebuild my health and athletic prowess. Do I have the courage to become the Health Guinea Pig again? Do I want the responsibility of being a role model?

Not, really but someone has to do it. Why not me?

Okay, so here is the bottom line. My new goal is to discover the most efficient and cost effective ways for parents and grandparents to get healthy and experience a higher quality of life.

Despite my reservations, I choose to risk offending my family and friends. Few people want to change their diets or lifestyles, let alone start working out. But, there are a few who are courageous enough to make a change.

It is for these brave souls I dedicate the new Health Guinea Pig Program. If I can help even one person feel better and have a more positive attitude, it is all worth it.

I am going for it. Time to jump into the health and medicine fray. I will discover what really works to make us healthier and perform better in the important areas of life, even if it kills me. I will share with you the results of my health research.

As the Babyboomer Health Guinea Pig, I will seek out the newest and most beneficial therapies. I will use my own body as a petri dish and test tube subject so you don’t have to waste your time, energy and money on therapies that don’t work.

Why not join me and become a Health Guinea Pig also? Together we can get healthy in all areas of our lives? Hopefully, it will be educational, beneficial, fun and entertaining.

You may even discover why you are dissatisfied with your life or feel something important is missing. I believe it is possible to experience feelings of true happiness and a sense of completion.

The greatest joys in life come from the interactions with your beloved family members and friends who you love and love you, especially your spouse, kids and grandchildren. Raising families has shown us true sacrifice is required to be a great parent and grandparent.

Now wars, emerging diseases, terrorism and financial difficulties are causing many of our kids and grandkids to be challenged in ways we never imagined. Let’s be part of the solution to the problems plaguing our world now.

Why don’t we work together to first get into good physical, emotional and intellectual shape as soon as possible.

Your family members desperately need you to be a Hero in their lives now. Let me be your guide in the greatest adventure of your new life. We can have a lot of fun in the process and become good friends.

Why not leave a legacy of opportunity and prosperity for your grandkids…rather than poor health, second rate disease care and the slavery of endless debt. Let us work together to make the world a better place for everyone now.