Ebola Battled By Robert Rowen MD With Ozone Therapy In Sierra Leone Update 12-2-14

Robert Rowen MD battles ebola with ozone therapy.

“Suppose they gave a cure for Ebola, and nobody came.” I think that might be the name of the movie that comes out of the adventure Dr. Robins and I had in Sierra Leone. Based on the information we are able to get on our two cases, the Ebola virus, as horrifically lethal as it is left alone in the human body (about 60% mortality) in the current epidemic, this virus appears to have an Achilles heel so vulnerable, but yet so simple, that scientists won’t consider it, and the press ignores it.

Mind you, the Rowen-Robins protocol called for treatment of active Ebola at least 4 times daily with the powerful ozone treatment of direct intravenous gas (DIV) of the Robins method. Dr. Robins and I believed the virus so lethal that it would take several days of frequent administration to cure it, but that we would see improvement in as little as 48-72 hours. It appears, based on the feedback from Sierra Leone, that we were wrong. Dr. Kanneh was better almost immediately and did continue his treatments for at least the 10 days we recommended. But Dr. M’Briwa, who had a confirming test for Ebola, was 100% better after just 2-3 days (possibly less) of ozone therapy, and after a posting was made on Facebook in Sierra Leone which was attempting to raise money for ZMAPP to save his life. Furthermore, a follow up test for Ebola was negative in just 2 days.

Remember the War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells? In that tale, Martians with invincible power came to the planet and went on an unstoppable roll. It was so ghastly that people who listened to the fictional story on radio (broadcast by Orson Wells) actually committed suicide. Those who killed themselves might have survived if they listened just a bit longer. As the story unfolded, within just a few days of the invasion, the Martians were stopped! And suddenly! How? By the simplest of all things on the planet – microbes, to which they had no immunity, but we do!

We are just two cases into Ebola. The unstoppable march of symptoms virtually instantly stopped in both these cases. And in the one documented positive case, the patient became negative on a second test just a few days after the first. The Facebook page calling for donations for ZMAPP to save the life of Dr. M’Briwa announced his personal recovery. Additionally, I got an email from the chief nurse at the Hastings Ebola unit telling me they were rejoicing. And yes, he did get ozone, but not nearly what we thought was necessary.

So, could Ebola be the equivalent of “invincible” Martians? Does it really have a target painted on it that ozone or other oxidants might move on like a “smart bomb”? We won’t know unless and until those responsible for the lives of others take note – including organizations wedded to Pharma, like governments bought by Pharma, like the WHO, whose Ebola officer emailed me that the use of ozone on humans is CRIMINAL, like news media fully biased by Pharma bought ads, etc. Zmapp treatment may cost many hundreds of dollars, perhaps more, and it takes many months to grow it in a GMO tobacco plant. While thousands die, Theo Grace, presented with ozone as a definite safe, and highly possible cure for Ebola deemed ozone use to be criminal, yet permits a 60% death rate to rampage.

Ozone? It’s here right now. It’s in the atmosphere. It’s in many city water purification systems. In Sierra Leone the material cost to administer treatment is about $0.75 per session. Based on two doctors recoveries and the limited information we have at hand from their cases, the material cost for cures for them cost less than $10 (not including supplements).

I guess ozone is just not sexy enough like “ZMAPP” for the Pharma owned/controlled authorities/press to consider. Hmmm, maybe because its simply not costly enough or patentable either. Perhaps because unknown “nobodies” like Rowen and Robins can do it absent their control?

Honestly, while it appears we have two full quick cures under our belt, the treatment deserves study. Until then, we don’t know ABSOLUTELY for sure/ And, our line of communication from Sierra Leone is about as good as a satellite transmission from Neptune. But, with the WHO in charge, and huge Profit motivated interests at large, and millions coming in to incinerate bodies and bury the dead, getting ozone into use to actually SAVE lives has been painfully slow in coming, even as more people die, children orphaned and families broken.

However, while hundreds are still dying of Ebola, you can be sure that when a government official gets scared, as exactly happened when I was on the ground there in October (see my previous postings), he will come running for ozone to save his xxx. Then “there will be a cure for Ebola and “he” will have come”.

Finally, I close by referring you to the solicitations for donations for the military doctor for the expensive and scarcely available ZMAPP and the doctor’s own announcement that he has recovered. Interesting that the ONLY note about ozone on that page came from me.


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