Ebola Battled By Robert Rowen MD With Ozone Therapy In Sierra Leone Update 12-3-14

Robert Rowen MD battles ebola with ozone therapy.

Folks, while in Sierra Leone, government officials entrenched in conventional medicine (in my opinion because of all the millions coming in from conventional sources for the crisis) castigated us regarding “experimentation”. So here’s an interesting post for you.

Here you see the British Medical Journal touting the experimentation of a highly toxic drug, amiodarone for ebola. It is believed the drug may inhibit entry of the virus into cells. “Ebola patients in Sierra Leone will receive amiodarone, a well known and cheap anti-arrhythmia drug, in a randomised controlled trial led by the Italian non-governmental organisation Emergency.

The trial is expected to start in a few weeks, when a 100 bed hospital recently built by the UK Department for International Development will be entrusted to Emergency. The hospital is one of six built as part of Britain’s £250m (€314m; $395m) effort to fight the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone.

Roberto Satolli, the trial’s coordinator, told The BMJ, “Amiodarone,……showed in preclinical studies to be a potent inhibitor of filovirus cell entry. Since it has been used for many decades on millions of patients, its safety profile is well known, and it appears to be a good candidate for a phase III trial. After the World Health Organization set the new ethical framework for research on Ebola, we administered the drug as a compassionate therapy to all 65 patients hospitalised in our 22 bed treatment centre in Lakka, where we recorded an overall mortality of 63%, without being able to determine whether the drug had any effect.” BMJ Nov 27, 2014.

Now, some words on the drug and NOT from me, but from Wikipedia regarding our own pro-Pharma FDA: “The FDA was reluctant to officially approve the use of amiodarone, since initial reports had shown increased incidence of serious pulmonary side-effects of the drug. In the mid-1980s, the European pharmaceutical companies began putting pressure on the FDA to approve amiodarone by threatening to cut the supply to American physicians if it was not approved. In December 1985, amiodarone was approved by the FDA for the treatment of arrhythmias.[6] This makes amiodarone one of the few drugs approved by the FDA without rigorous randomized clinical trials.”

This is most interesting in light of the position of the WHO Ebola person I’ve been in touch with, who decried ozone based on their standards of acceptance. But here is amiodarone, an extremely toxic drug, now set for study permitted by the new WHO “compassionate standards”.

Let’s connect some dots. WHO is permitting compassionate use of amiodarone, an extremely toxic drug. A first study showed NO benefit (63% mortality from Ebola which is standard fare for the virus). Its safety profile is well known and is abysmal. FDA allowed it in the USA without appropriate studies because of PHARMA pressure on the agency! It costs about $3.00 per dose, which in itself wouldn’t be bad if it worked and worked quickly.

Now consider ozone. No toxic reports in world literature. Lots of reports of benefit on immune system, infection, and circulation, all critical in Ebola defenses. It costs next to nothing. And 2 cases have recovered almost instantly.

I leave it to you to connect the dots of what is going on in the world and why your health remains at huge risk.

Please help me get this site to go viral (pardon the pun). The world is watching Ebola. This should be our huge opportunity to bring truth into what is doing on in the world of “disease maintenance” and the Pharming of the human population on the planet.


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