HealthyDoctors Health Heroes Hall Of Fame Honors Richard Merbler, Rolfer

Richard began his studies at The Rolf Institute in 1990 and became a Certified Advanced Rolfer in 2005.

After receiving his masters degree at SMU in guitar performance, Richard’s first career was teaching and performing classical guitar for 13 years.

After developing an issue in one of his hands and injuring his back Richard sought out Rolfing. The Rolfing process improved his back pain and playing the guitar. Rolfing also restored his vitality. His life took on a new meaning.

After watching both his wife and daughter get Rolfed and how it greatly changed their bodies and the dynamics of all three of their relationships he became fascinated with the potential of Rolfing.

During his college career he supported himself by working as a nurse technician in E.R. where the idea of studying medicine was planted though his major was already decided. So now, Richard is able to do both with Rolfing by interacting with the human body in a creative way.

Richard says, “There are many dimensions to Rolfing and as we begin to bring a person towards a more integrated structure we see many more doors begin to open. We have these words, body -mind-spirit, and we think they are separate parts of our being. But you begin to realize it’s all you. And when you begin to improve one aspect of your being everything else is free to jump on board. Being a Rolfer is an exciting journey.”