Robert Rowen, MD Health Hero Battles Ebola In Sierra Leone With Ozone Update 11-17-14

Robert Rowen MD battles ebola in sierra leone with ozone

First, and most important today, I want to express my grief to the world at the loss of Dr. Martin Salia of Sierra Leone, who was evacuated by air to Nebraska (not Oklahoma, as I errantly wrote yesterday), and who passed away this morning. Dr. Salia was a real humanitarian who chose to give his life’s work to the people of Sierra Leone, though he could have had a far more comfortable life in this country where he was a permanent resident.

Dr. Salia received the very best of care possible in Nebraska, inclusive of experimental treatments. It is so painful for me to see a health care worker go down with this disease. I appreciate you bearing with me.

On my front, I’ll tell you about my “quarantine” and its end (last Friday). It appears the each county and state will decide possibly differently how it will track those coming from West Africa. In the case of my partner, Dr. Robins, the Nassau county authorities felt comfortable in just calling him daily. I had to be blessed with twice a day calls to check my temperature, and once a day physical visits at my house to make sure I knew how to take a temperature, and that I was not fudging it, and that they saw it taken right in front of their eyes. The public health authorities came out every day but one. I guess they thought I might know how to take a temperature that day.

I highly compliment the Sonoma county public health people on ALL scores except one, which I will get to in a moment. They wanted to be sure that the person they were tracking was, in fact, well monitored, not fudging temperatures, and not ill. This protects the public as well as me. Now in my case, I told them that I wanted to go to Las Vegas to participate in a major meeting (American College for Advancement in Medicine) where I was chair of the oxidation workshop and was to present an award to a world class ozone researcher, Silvia Menendez, PhD of Cuba. This trip was at the very end of the “quarantine.”

The authorities did not “approve” of the travel, but respectfully, did not attempt, or even suggest that they would obstruct it. They simply wanted to know how I was getting there so that in the small chance I fell ill, they could retrace my footsteps. And, they went to far as to arrange for a local Las Vegas public health official to pay a personal visit each of the last two days.

So, to the amusement of all those to whom I was speaking, I was visited WHILE on the podium to have my temperature checked (photo posted). Everyone was in stitches laughing. We thanked the lady for doing her job, and, of course I was checked on the following day, Friday, day 21, and thanked for my cooperation, that she would forward my cooperation to Sonoma county officials, and told me it was all over for me. No calls or visits since (smile). I have “graduated.” Tomorrow I return to work and my patients won’t have to fear. Please know that the public health authorities are doing all that they can, and what can be reasonably done, to protect you, the exposed person, and that I am 100% on their side.

What I didn’t like in my case, was, after I agreed in writing to be monitored and restrict activities, that they administratively ORDERED me to comply. I felt that demeaning and unfitting under the circumstances of my 100% cooperation. I told them so as well. Also, none of my colleagues at ACAM were inhibited at all about shaking my hand or hugging me, seeing me alive and well, even before the official “end’ of the 21 days observation.

On a final note, I had the honor of sharing the workshop podium with Silvia Menendez, PhD, of Cuba, a world-renowned ozone researcher. And I had the honor of introducing her at the general session and presenting her with the annual Charles Farr, MD, PhD, award for excellence in oxidation medicine and research. She certainly deserves it. Under her direction in Havana, the Cuban Ozone Research Center has turned out stunning scientific articles on the incredible safety and effectiveness of ozone therapy on both animals AND humans, and the research runs the gamut of reversing vascular disease, dementia, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, wounds, leg ulcers, intestinal pathologies, joint diseases, and far, far more.

Essentially, ozone therapy improves oxygen delivery, utilization, kills pathogens, and modulates the immune system. There simply is not anything like it in medicine anywhere, and why, in the words of Prof. Bocci of Italy, another ozone pioneer, “Ozone is a non-specific therapy for a wide variety of specific diseases.” With the bottom line of all healing being oxygen delivery and utilization, ozone has no match anywhere or anyway.

On the ground in Sierra Leone, things ARE happening, and I will keep you posted. The doctor who stuck himself with an ebola-contaminated needle is now receiving ozone. We are quite excited that we are now in the treatment theater. This doctor wasted no time in arranging to get ozone, as, you might recall from yesterday’s post, he was taught and administered ozone treatments to nearly the entire staff at the ebola treatment center we visited. I am so happy for him that he can benefit from our mission, and hope you will pray with us that prevention will be successful. (He is at the same center where Dr. Salia was housed before being transported to the USA and where our team visited with him and offered him ozone therapy). We thank you for your positive thoughts and interest.