Robert Rowen, MD Health Hero Battles Ebola In Sierra Leone With Ozone Update 11-23-14

Robert Rowen MD battles ebola in sierra leone with ozone

Dear Facebook Family,
By now you have likely read the press release from Dr. Robins and me of our first case – successfully treated. Now I have more political intrigue for you. Only 2 weeks ago, we were overjoyed that a message came from a high official that the Minister of Health in Sierra Leone was directed to work with us on the ozone project. Alas, the Minister of Health has not responded to that email, nor to ours.

To make matters worse, today, the day of our press release of ebola cure, Dr. Carew and Jeff McNamara went to the Freetown meeting hall where over 200 people assembled for a WHO sponsored town hall style meeting on the ebola crisis. Lots of doctors came. Kojo was given some time to speak. I’ll get to what happened in a moment.

The WHO lectured on hand washing (to doctors, mind you). The WHO spoke of raising funds and awareness for treatment with convalescent serum and blood. Both of these have serious limitations. They are in short supply. They require cross matching the donor and recipient. This is costly, and dangerous. The technicians could be exposed to ebola. And, it provides passive immunity only. Here’s an analogy. A herd of elephants is barreling towards you. You are given limited ammunition to protect yourself. You don’t know if you have enough ammo, or if there are too many them for your limited supply. There’s just no way to know if the convalescent serum has much antibody, or if the ebola infected victim has too much virus to take out. And, it depresses the victim’s own immune response to the infection.

Ozone works around all of this. It chops off the “fingers” the virus uses to enter cells, inactivating the invader. It activates the immune system, and supports oxygen delivery while protecting the blood system. So, it enables the victim’s own body the ability to mount a full response which is unlimited, compared to a partial response that might come about if there is passive immunity (serum) given.

Dr. Mark Salia, the surgeon evacuated to Nebraska received convalescent serum/blood. He also received Zmapp. In fact, his team said he received everything possible, except …….. OZONE. And our Dr. X received ONLY ozone and was fully free of symptoms in just two days.

Now it gets even better. Dr. Carew was on the agenda to speak about ozone. Well, they moved him to the end of the meeting, when 2/3 of the people were gone. I’ll not read into what happened here. I’m just giving you the story blow by blow. Please see photos of the gathering, which I’ve attached. In the meantime, the agenda called for getting vaccines (experimental at best, costly and dangerous at worst) in to the country quickly. Imagine, curing Ebola for less than $40. I’ve always told my readers to “follow the money trail.”

Please know that I don’t want to draw any unwarranted conclusions as to the intentions of this “noble” international organization. I’ll just tell you that I received an email from one of their top officials that simply states that the use of ozone therapy on humans is, in his opinion, “criminal”.

For those of you in West Africa facing an ebola test, please don’t use the circumstances of our Dr. X not to get the test. You do need to know and ASAP. However, if you do get the test, and are shipped to a “treatment center”, please make noise demanding ozone therapy.

I’ll have much more to say in the coming days and weeks. I appreciate you visiting this page and sharing. We must take the world back from Pharma and those “pharming” the planet for money. I humbly ask that you share our news release with your entire mailing list and ask them to do the same.

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