Robert Rowen MD Influenza And You Update 1-13-15

Robert Rowen MD battles ebola with ozone therapy.

A quick note (by request from Facebook Family) for those concerned about the rapidly increasing influenza outbreak in the USA. I don’t like flu vaccines. I’ve not had one since being snookered as a “youth” by President Ford to get the “swine flu” vaccine in 1976. And yes, I’ve probably contracted a few flu infections since, but being into oxidation therapy since 1986, I’ve managed to toss the infection out of my system in hours to a few days with ozone or UBI (ultraviolet blood irradiation).

In 1920, Dr. Oliver published the first report, in Lancet, of oxidation therapy. He used dirt-cheap intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy on TERMINAL influenzal pneumonia patients. The expected death rate was 80%. He cut it about in half, and he took only hopeless cases! Why, oh why did not the world pick up on this? My now deceased hydrogen peroxide mentor, Charles Farr, MD, PhD, did pick up on it and he resurrected oxidation therapy in this country by forming the International Oxidative Medicine Association, of which I was the last president before it folded into a larger group.

I’ve always told my patients and readers to know where your nearest oxidation therapist is. Your life might depend on it. If your integrative physician is not into ozone or UBI, he/she will most likely be into intravenous vitamin C. Years ago, Dr. Frederick Klenner was curing everything from influenza to polio with IV-C. You’ll need a minimum of 25 grams to have a good effect. This dose actually works as an oxidant in your body, which cannot be accomplished with oral doses. NIH studies found that concentrations of vitamin C, achievable only with IV administration, causes the generation of ……… HYDORGEN PEROXIDE in your extravascular (outside the blood vessels) bodily fluids. Ozone creates more of this important molecule as well, aside from other oxidant molecules.

I prefer ozone therapy as intravenous H2O2 and high dose vitamin C can be hard on veins (as can be direct intravenous gas). Traditional ozone treatments (or UBI) where blood is removed, treated, and returned) is most easy on veins, other than the needle stick itself.

Vaccines are a crapshoot, and this year’s vaccine has already been announced to be a failure! In addition, you get injected with foreign proteins, toxic metals and preservatives. Hugh Fudenberg, MD, a now departed famed immunology researcher, told me that just 5 flu shots will significantly increase your chances of Alzheimer’s disease from the metal adjuvants contained within. While the pundits sought to discredit him, as they do to all “heretics”, please remember that the same thing happened to Ignaz Semmelweis, who committed blasphemy by suggesting that doctors wash their hands between deliveries to reduce the deaths by infection of newborns and mothers.

In all likelihood, you’ll have a fine recovery from this flu epidemic regardless of what you do. Avian flu will be another story. And, there have been deaths from this one as well. So, if you don’t have access to an oxidation specialist, and even if you do, consider vitamin C to bowel tolerance. I’ve used vitamin A (not beta carotene) in amounts up to 100,000 units per day for short runs without ANY difficulty. Vitamin D, 5000 units/D can actually prevent flu. Elderberry extracts (Sambucol) may help you with symptoms.

But, considering that we OFTEN see patients significantly improved before they even get off the chair, I like ozone best (smile).

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I’ll elaborate soon on my work “as a dentist’! (No not really as a dentist as that would elicit licensing issues, but on the amazing connection between problems in your mouth and the rest of your body.) Please see my you tube channel first!


Your Medical Servant,

Robert J. Rowen MD