The Hungarian Supplement That Removes Mercury From Your Body

Last month, I told you about an inexpensive Hungarian supplement made from peat. I also told you about the miraculous way this supplement draws heavy metals out of your body.

What is most amazing about this supplement, though, is that it can pull certain heavy metals out of your body that we thought were impossible to remove.

Take mercury, for instance. Mercury is the toughest common toxic metal to grab and remove. Even IV chelation therapy does not do much to pull mercury out of your body. But look at what happens when you use peat.

In a recent study, researchers looked at how well they could remove mercury from pigs, an animal with very similar detoxification to humans. They divided 15 pigs into three groups of four and a fourth group of three. The researchers acclimated the pigs for five days on a standard diet. Then they gave each pig a measured dose of radioactive mercury in its feed. And, finally, they administered a humic/fulvic acid complex to groups two through four in increasing doses. So group four received a higher dose than groups two and three.

The researchers measured radioactive mercury in their feces and urine each day. The animals in group four, which received a full dose of the complex, excreted 86% of the ingested mercury compared to 64.9% in controls.

During the 11 days of the trial, the complex caused a 21% increase in mercury elimination.

But the good news does not stop there. The researchers then measured residual mercury in the pigs organs. In the full-dose animals, there was a fall in mercury in all organs examined (including kidney, liver, lung, testicles, skeletal muscle, and brain). The reduction was statistically significant in brain, kidney, and lung. The brain had 9a whopping 87% reduction in mercury, as compared to controls!

This is absolutely stunning information! A safe oral product that can reduce mercury deposits in your brain. I wondered how that might be possible. Your intestines do not actually absorb the product because its molecules are too large. (In the test animals, less than 1% of the molecules were absorbed.) How could an oral chelator stuck in the intestines produce such a profound effect on heavy metals? How does it improve distant organ function when the organs are already poisoned? Then I realized that there is a very logical explanation.

Your body does have the ability to get rid of heavy metals. But its ability is very limited. It primarily uses glutathione, a well known nutrient that binds heavy metals, to do so. It also uses the protein metallothionine. In order for glutathione and metallothionine to transport metals out of your body, they have to bind to the metals and then release them. This is a difficult process, which is why your ability to do it is limited.

However, when you have the humic/fulvic acid in your intestine, it acts like a magnetic sponge. As your blood carries the proteins (which are bound to the toxic metals) down close to your intestine, the humic/fulvic acid literally sucks up the toxins across your gut wall. Now the glutathione and metallothionine, free of their toxic cargo, are able to return to your tissues like empty rail cars to load up more toxins.

This ability to remove mercury is groundbreaking news. We know mercury can cause severe brain disease. But there are numerous other health problems it causes. After all, mercury is a known poison.

I am very impressed with this products ability to chelate mercury. My strong feelings probably come from my very intense college training in chemistry and biochemistry. At Johns Hopkins University, under the tutelage of my organic chemistry professor, I spent hours in a basic science lab working to synthesize an extremely powerful, but artificial compound for heavy metal chelation. I successfully made the molecule; I just had difficulty purifying it. Unknown to us all the while, the Hungarians had a natural product that would have beaten mine for safety any day! We just did not know about it. But had my professor seen its structure, with all those metal-attracting acid groups, I just know he would have hailed it.

But I am not the only one who is impressed. David Quig, PhD of Doctors Data Testing lab is one of the foremost educators on heavy metal toxicology, and likely the most influential of all. His recently told me: I am impressed with the animal and human data reports. The few clinics I know using the peat products are extremely impressed with the results.

Based on the available data, Dr. Quig is in agreement with me that it is likely acting as a huge intestinal heavy metal sponge because of its very low systemic absorption. A chelator, in the strict sense of the word, is a molecule that forms a hexagonal structure around the metal it binds. With dozens of metal binding sites, you do not have to form a ring structure. Hence, humic acid may not be a chelator in that strict sense, but a strong heavy metal detoxifier/binding agent.

He also said, The increase in urine excretion using a product not absorbed is extremely intriguing. Dr. Quig suggested that more and larger studies are in order to investigate my theory of the empty rail car mentioned above.

There are many humic/fulvic acid complexes on the market. Most of them are not very expensive. Enzymatic Therapies makes Metal Magnet. I currently recommend one capsule twice daily for five days a week.

I also recommend that you see an astute chelation physician doctor while taking it. He/she can monitor your progress in eliminating the toxins. And since there is the theoretical risk of it pulling nutritional metals out of you, he can be sure that you are well protected with supplemental minerals.

Ref: Department of Biochemistry, University of Kapsovar, Kapsovar, Hungary.