Understanding PTSD Part 5: The 3 Stages Of Adrenal Exhaustion Explain Many Mysteries

Doctor Michael Borkin NMD

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Dr. Michael Borkin, NMD is a pioneer in hormone and electrolyte research. He specializes in hormone and electrolyte testing and balancing. To ask him questions about PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and hormone balancing, contact him at: doctorborkin@gmail.com.

His hormone educational videos help you understand the causes of PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. He identifies potential therapies and lifestyle changes you can make that will restore the hormone balance in your body. With a simple knowledge of your hormone system, you can experience optimal health.

His evaluation of hormones levels in patients provides an in-depth snap shot of the health level and disease processes. These tests and the unique balancing programs created by the trained doctors and lab technicians are incredibly valuable for individuals who have used anabolic steroids, HGH (human growth hormone), insulin, testosterone and progesterone without understanding the importance of exact supplementation in response to test results. Gross dosing without testing has caused many people to be biochemically and hormonally out of balance.

Dr. Michael Borkin is also one of the creators of the science of bio-identical hormones and transdermal (through the skin) creams. Unique creams are created for each patient to restore hormonal homeostasis. The creams are made up of hormones, hormone precursors, nutrients, homeopathics, herbs and electrolytes. Specific electrolyte and nutrient rich supplements help balance each patient’s bio-chemistry in all their cells, including the brain.

Dr. Borkin invested many years in treating the “Who’s Who” of Hollywood and Las Vegas. After studying so many people who violate the health laws and natural circadian cycle (24-hour light and dark cycle), that stay up all night and sleep during the day, he became the leading expert on the three stages of adrenal exhaustion and the terrible consequences of a stressful life.

As we all know, stress kills. Some of the most famous actors, stars and athletes are his patients. They keep his name as a jealously guarded secret so he will personally have time to work with them. They want to take advantage of his knowledge and research so he can create and monitor their special balancing programs. They are desperate to look younger, have more energy, feel their best and perform at optimal levels.

Dr. Borkin has developed a 24-hour test of the flood of hormones throughout the entire body, every 4 hours. A patient starts collecting their saliva at 8 AM. They take a sample every 4 hours until 4 AM the next morning. By studying the levels of bio-active hormones and electrolytes available in saliva, doctors learn a great deal about the health and disease processes going on inside their patients’ cells.