Homocysteine Causes More Than Your Vision to Fail

Failing vision and heart disease are not the only health issues caused by high levels of homocysteine. New research shows a strong link between high concentrations of this amino acid and later development of Alzheimers disease and failing memory. Researchers followed about 1,000 men and women, average age 76, as part of the famous Framingham … Read more

The Secret Link Between Failing Vision and Heart Disease

I’ve always said that the different parts of the body are interrelated. What affects one part of your body will usually affect another part. Scientists recently showed this is true of a chemical that is connected to heart disease. Not only does this chemical cause heart problems, but it can also cause your vision to … Read more

Add This Powerful Root to Your Cold-Fighting Arsenal

Most of us take a good multivitamin/mineral, plenty of vitamin C, maybe some echinacea, and perhaps some other herbs and nutrients to fight a cold. But Chinese medicine takes a different approach to battle these pesky viruses. You may have heard of the yin-yang theory (balancing opposites). This theory works very well in medicine. You … Read more

The Antioxidant That Can Stop Your Arthritis Pain

You already know that most over-the-counter and prescription pain pills have serious side effects. Several studies now show conclusively that both the cox-1 and cox-2 inhibitors (Vioxx, etc.) raise your risk of vascular disease. And Tylenol (as well as Advil, Motrin, and the other readily available pain pills) causes liver disease. You also know that … Read more

Three Conventional Colon Cancer Preventives Fail

But a simple vitamin regimen can prevent colon cancer and even reverse recurrent polyps. To beat colon cancer, conventional medicine realizes its far better to prevent than to treat. Colon cancer is very difficult to treat, so this is the right way to handle the disease. Unfortunately, three of the most popular prevention methods do … Read more