Are you taking too much vitamin D?

“Vitamin D is dangerous.” “You have to be very careful with vitamin D.” “Vitamin D can easily become toxic and lead to many problems.” “It is risky to take more than 1,000 units of vitamin D per day.” Have you ever heard statements like these? I have. Probably a month doesn’t go by before I … Read more

Robert Rowen, MD Health Hero Battles Ebola In Sierra Leone With Ozone Update 11-12-14

We have a partial breakthrough in the logjam in Sierra Leone. I’ll get to that by telling you the details of someone who is a real hero in the saga. Dr. Michael Morlai Kamara is one of the young doctors we trained in Sierra Leone on the Robins technique of intravenous gas ozone administration. He’s … Read more

Back Pain Gone — Permanently With Prolotherapy!

If you suffer from back pain … any back pain … even the chronic kind … even the kind that persists after surgery … even the kind that causes you to wince in pain when you get out of a chair … even the kind that chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage can’t cure … even the … Read more

Cholesterol Levels Guidelines Must Be Ignored By Women

Pharmaceutical companies are at it again: telling us that statins are safe and that many more people should take them. I’ve talked about the dangers of statins, their side effects, and reasons not to take them for years. Despite their dangers, conventional medicine recently came out with new guidelines that will likely double the number … Read more