Ebola Battled By Health Hero Robert Rowen MD In Sierra Leone With Ozone Update 10-25-14


As I write this I am sitting in the lounge of the Freetown airport, awaiting a 36-hour trip home. I’m thinking of the events of the day. I’m reflecting on the drama, the malevolence, the intrigue, corruption, and more.

First, Kojo was called early in the morning by the SL foreign minister who saw me on the TV broadcast last evening. Seems he was impressed enough to tell Kojo that his mother lives in an infected area up north. He begged for preventive ozone for her, for his family, and of course for him.

I was outraged. Kojo channeled my facial expression well. Here is a minister of government, which government has denied a potential curative therapy for DYING patients, and is asking for preventive treatments for himself and family. You can imagine the response.

I went further. NONE of the supplies and equipment in Kojos’ hands is to be used for anyone BUT active ebola patients – end of story. It was donated specifically for them and for front line ebola workers.

Here is a nose-picking minister who didn’t jump into the fray of the plight of dying patients. He wants our time and supplies for his currently non-infected family.

Kojo went another step. He said because of what happened here, and his decision to move the project to Liberia where patients there will be treated for free with our supplies.

All SL patients will have to pay at least for replacement supplies. If in government, they will have to pay $100 per treatment. If one of the bad guys wants to be treated, who were behind withholding treatment for ebola, well, that’s another story.

Since they are on the government dole, while denying hope and life to their people, anyone identified as a culprit will pay at least $1000 per treatment. You might say that is wrong. Perhaps not. They can simply go to the ebola centers they have condemned their people to. It is only fair play.

After we left the house, I was approached by several citizens who saw last night’s show. They all were aghast at what happened: the disrespect showed me, an invited guest of the President, by the NERC (National Ebola Recovery Commission) director on the televised show.

They were shocked that we were prevented from administering therapy to save lives, and even more shocked at the restraint I showed. Actually, I wanted to tell the director, Mr. Stephen Ngaugah (pronounced gouger) that I believed he was involved in Crimes Against Humanity.  I was fearful if I did that there could be poltical repercussions and I’d be held responsible. So I stopped just short.

However, I did put that term in the minds of everyone I met, and sent a departure letter to the President’s key advisor who arranged the invitation. I will post that email on this page.

The term stuck. Dr. Carew was on national radio tonight, broadcast all through the country.

He did use the term, and told his people that Ngaugh, the sinister man who accused me of coming to experiment on Africans, should be thrown in prison for CRIMS AGAINST HUMANITY. Actually, I learned a lot about this man today.

He was a nothing living abroad who earned a living as a taxi driver. The ebola epidemic created financial opportunity for him.

He muscled his way into the head position of NERC and demanded a 10,000 USD per month salary. My God, he’s not a health professional, a public health graduate, a PhD, etc, and he’ll make more than most people in the United States.

And all he could say was counter to what the WHO is saying. The latter has said that ebola has spiraled out of control here.

This character, and two others tried to rationalize on TV that they were in control of the disaster. I was the only one of the 4 panelists who said it straight: the nation is headed for calamity.

The viewers seemed to agree with me, which I’ll get to later. And for this man, I suggested a price of $2000 minimum per treatment should he crawl in with his tail between his legs needing it.

In the morning, Kojo got a text message from the key advisor telling Kojo that he was pulling back from supporting the ozone project. Kojo got call after call about the crisis and the outrage of those who heard it. He was invited on national radio in the evening at 8pm for one hour, giving him just enough time to drop me off at the ferry for the 30-minute trip across the bay to the airport.

Through all this drama, I got to treat a church minister with ozone therapy who had a problem I hadn’t seen before: massive congenital keloids on his chest that were extremely painful 24/7.  I showed Kojo how to inject ozone under the keloids. The scars were too extensive to do them all. In the areas I treated, the pain was gone instantly. I’ll post this on you tube. Kojo will continue treatments.

Late in the afternoon, on Kojo’s phone, I was able to text a long message to the President’s key advisor, Monty Jones. I personally told him I considered the order to forbid ozone therapy a crime against humanity. Simultaneously I praised his boss, the President for his open-mindedness but said it was clear he was surrounded by self serving FOOLS.

I sent Jones an email admonishing him for disrespecting an invited expert(s) (Howard and me). In America, we thank an invited guest for his service. I was not thanked nor was Howard, and simply pointed out that it appears we obviously have significantly different cultures.

Strangely enough crossing in the ethers was a text message from him on Kojo’s phone. It appeared my strategy to go right to the TV station after the debacle and request to go on was paying off.  He admitted that many people heard the show and were definitely in my camp, as was the President.

He claimed he was keeping the President apprised of my messages and trials. I can’t say for sure that the latter is true. I now have my doubts that he’s been telling the President of all our activities and the skullduggery his underlings had done impeding getting the job done.

Sitting now at the airport, I lamented yesterday’s events with local citizens. One heard the broadcast.

They told me that all the government ministers are all absolute corrupt fools, in it for themselves. I suggested that they consider the fate of their spouse should the loved one get ebola. “How would you feel if your government prevented a potentially life saving treatment while digging her grave?”  That roused them and got me promises that they would call the TV, the radio, and the Statehouse.

So, I don’t want you to think that we have lost the battle and that all Dr. Robins and I have worked for is up in smoke. I was not taken out at the airport by the bad guys.

Kojo got out my message out about “Crimes Against Humanity” on the national radio. And, he has an invitation to relocate the ozone project to Liberia, where he will go this very week to get it running. The only loss to us will be the delay in time in getting results.

Finally, he decided to reopen his hospital to infections, with an ebola room sealed and decontaminated with ozone. Since it will not be under the thumb of the government, he’ll be free to do our program to the letter and make sure it gets done.

I’ll be getting emails from Kojo and others reporting on the situation on the ground, and report to you right here. Howard will get the message out to his people.

Our goal was to put the gravediggers, paid for by the international billions donated, out of business by saving people rather than burning or burying them. (The procedures handling a body after death are the most risky. Ebola is HIGHLY transmissible at this time).

Hence the reasons for Ngaugh to oppose a cure for ebola in favor of keeping the bodies coming to justify his ridiculously high salary (even by US standards). Curing the scourge would put him and the gravediggers out of business and dry up the billions coming in.

This sinister process seem strange? Or perhaps is it a glaring example of what is really happening in governments (including our own) across the board when it comes to self-interest at the expense of others? In this case the expense to the other is DEATH.

Actually, I do expect the forces of Light to beat out the darkness. Truth triumphs eventually.

I continue to appreciate your concern, prayers, and interest. For those of you who are religious, I am reminded that God hardened Pharaoh’s heart several times until he finally caved.

With the public outcry, and the fact that this could destabilize the government rather quickly, I think we will see a crack in the concrete heart of the corrupt ministers. In several weeks we should have data, from Liberia at the least, and perhaps Sierra Leone, that ozone is doing what we expected it to do.

Dr. Kojo Carew is a phenomenal human being and gave me his word that this will be seen through, and with his incredible personal  history, I believe our mission will be accomplished.

Warm regards,