Ebola Battled By Health Hero Robert Rowen MD In Sierra Leone With Ozone Update 11-24-14



Folks, you’ve not likely heard of this event. But it is very important; and to Dr. Robins and me, it is extremely worrisome. The headline says that bandits got more than they bargained for by stealing blood full of ebola virus. Authoritiespleaded with them to return the vials:

Now consider, why would thieves risk their lives with the deadliest pathogen on the planet? Think the people in the car didn’t know what they were carrying, and think they didn’t warn the thieves that their own lives would be endangered if they took the vials? I simply can’t imagine those transporting the Ebola laced shipment wouldn’t warn the bandits to attempt to prevent ignorant spread of the virus. The government called for the thieves to return the laced blood.

So, let’s use logic. Imagine you are a bandit, willing to risk your life, and perhaps the life of your victim to forcibly take loot, and your interest was money. Why on earth would you even consider returning vials which are potentially priceless to terrorists. Would a thief not realize the value of the specimen? Is there a possibility that the thieves knew in advance what was in the taxi they robbed?

I’ve written repeatedly about my concerns of Ebola bioterrorism. Frankly, I’m not afraid of the spread of this dread disease by natural means in the USA. Even Nigeria cleaned it out. Here in the USA, I had public health authorities coming to my house every day (and even to my lectures) to check on me. But Nigeria has been unable to clean out terrorism, and neither has any other country, including the USA, when there are people who really believe there are Heavenly rewards for those who would viciously murder other children of God who simply do not believe as they do.

I am very concerned about bioterrorism. And, having seen the panic that happened with the Duncan case and the fall out of the two nurses who contracted it from him, imagine what might happen if Ebola suddenly crops up in several unrelated places in the USA simultaneously. And with apparently unrelated cases emerging in other countries. Spain is very worried about it.

Now I am not posting this to scare the bejesus out of you. Ebola bioterrorism or other pathogenic bioterrorism has always been a major risk in the modern world, but the risk doesn’t exist if the infection can be successfully treated. In fact, the risk would be totally neutralized, and people wouldn’t have to fear as they did with the media frenzy in the Duncan case.

With the present state of affairs of Ebola, there is much to fear, as there is no conventional treatment. And, it’s now totally apparent to me that the forces that control our lives are bent on making money off the situation. You can’t make money, or generate fear if there is a cure for the most dread of diseases that you cannot patent, costs pennies to administer, readily available, is totally safe, and extremely effective. Which, in my humble opinion, is why we are not seeing a government tidal wave to embrace oxidation therapies.

Please know where your nearest oxidation physician is located. Terri (my wife) and I will be training as many as we possibly can. I went to Sierra Leone absent ANY fear. All the fear in my trip was within my extended family, not even with Terri. Dr. Robins and I feel it vital to get the word out about ozone therapy BEFORE there is a bad incident. Ignorance could cost thousands of lives and families. It is for that reason that we’ve put out the apparent and HIGHLY likely cure of an Ebola case which timelines and symptoms exactly follow what was expected with the contamination. We rely upon you to spread our report, and to lobby the press and government to push for real trials on ozone therapy. The latter will never happen otherwise, since you can’t make bazillions on it. Please remember, Dr. Robins and I went to Sierra Leone at our own expense (backed by donations for supplies and equipment) to bring a therapy that costs little and for which we won’t make a dime. This forum is the only way we know to bring it forward when the media and government are beholden to the great multinational financial interests.

Thank you!

PS I have an extended medical family who are well aware of the cost and carnage of an ebola case in a hospital. There is great concern what might happen to hospitals should there be many ebola cases in the United States.
PPS I have not seen a news report yet indicating the dangerous blood was returned.


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Ebola Battled By Health Hero Robert Rowen MD In Sierra Leone With Ozone Update 11-23-14



Dear Facebook Family,
By now you have likely read the press release from Dr. Robins and me of our first case – successfully treated. Now I have more political intrigue for you. Only 2 weeks ago, we were overjoyed that a message came from a high official that the Minister of Health in Sierra Leone was directed to work with us on the ozone project. Alas, the Minister of Health has not responded to that email, nor to ours.

To make matters worse, today, the day of our press release of ebola cure, Dr. Carew and Jeff McNamara went to the Freetown meeting hall where over 200 people assembled for a WHO sponsored town hall style meeting on the ebola crisis. Lots of doctors came. Kojo was given some time to speak. I’ll get to what happened in a moment.

The WHO lectured on hand washing (to doctors, mind you). The WHO spoke of raising funds and awareness for treatment with convalescent serum and blood. Both of these have serious limitations. They are in short supply. They require cross matching the donor and recipient. This is costly, and dangerous. The technicians could be exposed to ebola. And, it provides passive immunity only. Here’s an analogy. A herd of elephants is barreling towards you. You are given limited ammunition to protect yourself. You don’t know if you have enough ammo, or if there are too many them for your limited supply. There’s just no way to know if the convalescent serum has much antibody, or if the ebola infected victim has too much virus to take out. And, it depresses the victim’s own immune response to the infection.

Ozone works around all of this. It chops off the “fingers” the virus uses to enter cells, inactivating the invader. It activates the immune system, and supports oxygen delivery while protecting the blood system. So, it enables the victim’s own body the ability to mount a full response which is unlimited, compared to a partial response that might come about if there is passive immunity (serum) given.

Dr. Mark Salia, the surgeon evacuated to Nebraska received convalescent serum/blood. He also received Zmapp. In fact, his team said he received everything possible, except …….. OZONE. And our Dr. X received ONLY ozone and was fully free of symptoms in just two days.

Now it gets even better. Dr. Carew was on the agenda to speak about ozone. Well, they moved him to the end of the meeting, when 2/3 of the people were gone. I’ll not read into what happened here. I’m just giving you the story blow by blow. Please see photos of the gathering, which I’ve attached. In the meantime, the agenda called for getting vaccines (experimental at best, costly and dangerous at worst) in to the country quickly. Imagine, curing Ebola for less than $40. I’ve always told my readers to “follow the money trail.”

Please know that I don’t want to draw any unwarranted conclusions as to the intentions of this “noble” international organization. I’ll just tell you that I received an email from one of their top officials that simply states that the use of ozone therapy on humans is, in his opinion, “criminal”.

For those of you in West Africa facing an ebola test, please don’t use the circumstances of our Dr. X not to get the test. You do need to know and ASAP. However, if you do get the test, and are shipped to a “treatment center”, please make noise demanding ozone therapy.

I’ll have much more to say in the coming days and weeks. I appreciate you visiting this page and sharing. We must take the world back from Pharma and those “pharming” the planet for money. I humbly ask that you share our news release with your entire mailing list and ask them to do the same.


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