How to Make Your Family History of Cancer Disappear

As you may know, I love blueberries. They are a real treat to eat. And they are full of nutrients. But blueberries are not the only berries you need to eat. Blackberries have nature-made chemicals that both prevent and heal. In fact, they can work wonders on animals.

Researchers recently gave animals a chemical that induces esophageal cancer. In just one week, 2,200 genes in their swallowing pipe were affected. Then they gave the animals, freeze-dried blackberry powder. The powder restored 450 of these genes to normal.

The importance of this story is that Big Pharma is developing synthetic chemicals to alter DNA function. These are horribly expensive and dangerous. Gods pharmacy is far superior to Big Pharmas. Please include berries in your diet every day. Frozen organic berries are now available at Trader Joes, Costco, and other outlets at great prices.

Ref: Cancer Research, August 1, 2008, 68, 6460-6467.