How to Use Fat to Beat Chronic Disease

Last month, I showed you how eating the wrong fats can wreak havoc on your brain and other organs. And I also told you how the right fats can improve your memory and fight disease. Even many of the most challenging diseases, such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons, autism, and MS, will respond in miraculous ways.

This month, I am going to show you how to use these fats and effectively beat these and other diseases.

These fats, as I indicated last month, are called essential phospholipids, or EPL. The essential means phospholipids that carry an essential fatty acid. This essential fatty acid is easily absorbed by your cell membrane. Once its inside your cell membrane, it can replace the truly bad fats that you have accumulated.

That means EPL will stop not only the progression of disease, but it will also reverse disease in many cases.

My colleague Dr. Patricia Kane has developed a protocol using EPL that is incredibly effective. Its now called the PK Protocol, after Dr. Kane. And I’ve seen it work on brain disease when some of my most powerful therapies do not completely solve the health challenge.

In fact, I had a six-year-old autistic child named Ryan come see me. When I first saw him, he was uncontrollable. He had no interaction with me, did not make direct eye contact, but had to look far to the side out of the corners of his eyes. If not restrained, my office would have been destroyed. He had no expressive language, and very little receptive language either.

Ryan developed his autism after a series of vaccinations. His mom had been to many conventional docs with no improvement. A clean diet free of gluten and dairy did little.

I followed the excellent Yasko program I wrote about last spring. Ryan made small but noticeable gains. After a month, he would follow commands to cease potentially destructive behavior in my office. His mom was eager for faster improvement. We began ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) treatments to help with hidden infection. There was another notch of improvement. But to get him to submit to an IV required the strength of three adults just to hold him down.

Then we decided to add the PK Protocol to the weekly UBI. What I saw next astounded me. The change was rapid, unbelievable, and brought tears of joy to my eyes.

Within just two weeks, Ryan walked into the office, needing no restraint, rolled up his sleeve, hopped up on the IV table, offered his arm and turned his head the other way. His eyes made direct contact with me. He voluntarily walked up to give me a hug, and sat on my lap.

Within several more weeks, Ryan began reading Dr. Seuss books and could actually say, I am frustrated! He has a long way to go, but his teachers cant keep up with his improvement!

I can assure you that most kids with autism are also extremely frustrated at their inability to communicate. That may contribute to their unruly behavior.

Dr. Kane has seen over 3,000 children with autism over the past 10 years. And shes seen every one of them quickly and dramatically recover with her oral and IV protocols. The most dramatic changes though occurred four years ago when she added intravenous lipids.

You see, there are two ways to use EPL, oral and IV. Oral, while relatively inexpensive, has limitations. If you ingest phospholipids (in the form of standard lecithin, eggs, etc.), your intestinal cells will break them down prior to absorption. Some of the essential fatty acids are still able to operate after they are absorbed. But not always. That is the main reason why research on lecithin has mixed results.

However, research has shown that micellized EPL allows the essential phospholipids to be absorbed without being broken down first.

While oral EPL supplements have tremendous benefits, especially in prevention and daily treatment, they simply do not work as fast as intravenous EPL. And that is where Dr. Kanes protocol has rocket propelled EPL treatment into a new dimension.

Her method is relatively simple. The heart of it involves infusions of EPL. The particular product, called LipoStabil, is available from Germany. This is the same product that I previously told you will literally suck cholesterol out of your arteries. It does this by activating your HDL. Activated HDL acts like a freight car carrying arterial cholesterol back to your liver for elimination. But EPLs impact on your membranes is even more important for chronic non-arterial disease.

I showed you last month how a stiff membrane can cause all kinds of problems. What I did not mention is that a stiff membrane can harbor all kinds of nasty things. These include viruses, bacteria, toxic fungus, heavy metals, and the like. Simply put, if you can make your membranes more fluid-like, they can flush out the bad guys.

The heart of Dr. Kanes LipoStabil method is to replace the bad fats in your membranes with functional and essential fatty acids. The new fluid-like membranes allow your body to flush these nasty invaders out of your body.

LipoStabil quickly exchanges healthy fatty acids for the toxic fatty acids currently sitting in your cell membranes. It is essentially a lipid exchange. Your cells, once given what they need, know what to do to correct themselves. Presented with the healthy EPL, they can replace old, saturated, hydrogenated, heat denatured, and trans-fatty acids with the right stuff to make younger and vibrant new membranes. Given intravenously, the effect is amazingly fast.

And this is one treatment where more is usually better. Dr. Kane might give two lipid exchanges per day in severe cases, such as ALS. Remember last month when I told you 75% of ALS patients show improvement and 35% see significant reversal of their symptoms? Dr. Kane treated all of these cases with LipoStabil.

But autism and ALS are just the beginning. Take Rebecca, for example. Shes in her late 50s and suffers with MS. She had to use a cane to walk due to a spastic right leg. Her symptoms had waxed and waned since her diagnosis in 1998. Her integrative physicians gave her glutathione intravenously and she had moderate improvement.

As soon as Dr. Kane started the lipid exchanges, her gait normalized. She now needs only monthly maintenance. Rebeccas neurologist is very confused by her dramatic improvement.

When she tried to explain the oral and IV nutritional treatments she was using, the neurologist was not interested.

How about Parkinsons? Just ask Rene (age 77). She was a prominent businesswoman who came to see Dr. Kane because of severe tremors and gait problems. And she looked much older than she was. Doctors at another clinic gave her intravenous glutathione for six months. But it had no effect.

Rene then got the PK Protocol and a funny thing happened. After two months, Dr. Kane walked through the clinic and saw a woman who vaguely resembled Rene. She thought she saw Renes twin. The woman in front of her was neurologically normal. And she looked years younger. But Rene has no twin. Rene, is that you? Dr. Kane asked. Yes, its me and look at this. She held out her arm to reveal that she no longer had a tremor. And her gait was back to normal.

Could the PK Protocol work for Lyme disease? Another patient of Dr. Kanes is a believer! At one point, his symptoms of Lyme were so severe his doctors thought he had ALS. He suffered from brain fog, fasciculations (jumping muscles), the sensation of internal tremors, and more. He had gone everywhere to find help, including the Mayo Clinic. All to no avail. He had been to 56 different doctors!

After spending $65,000 on other therapies, he was ready for a miracle. And he got one. He received lipid exchange three times daily, four times each week. Within a few days, his fasciculations were gone and his mind was clear. He swiftly regained his thought processes in the first week of IV therapy.

Dr. Kane found that this patient had ParvoVirus19, heavy metal toxicity, and his test for neurotoxic mold exposure was one of the worst she had ever seen. In total, he had one month (four days each week) of aggressive IV nutrient therapy, which totally freed him of his symptoms. He continued the PK treatments at home, and now receives only monthly follow-ups.

Finally, the PK protocol might also help hepatitis C. Doctors gave Janis, age 52, potentially dangerous Ribavirin and Interferon for six months with no improvement. A second round did not help either. She felt like she wanted to die. After massive infusions of EPL, she at last felt normal and regained her physical vibrancy. Her viral load of hepatitis C is down to 25% of what it was when she began intravenous PK therapy.

The PK protocol includes infusions of EPL. But there is a lot more to it. First is the EPL (lipid exchange) infusion, which involves drawing up LipoStabil into a syringe. Then the therapist draws a few ccs of blood into the syringe and mixes it with the LipoStabil. And she slowly injects the mixture back into your body. She then gives an infusion of Leucovorin (a special type of folate), which is crucial for your DNA function and repair.

Finally, she administers up to 2,000 mg of glutathione by IV push (over 5-10 minutes). Glutathione is your premier detoxifier.

I usually recommend doing the PK protocol immediately following an oxidation treatment and then follow the PK protocol with chelation. Each program must be tailor made for the individual. Its vitally important to replenish your minerals and balance your intake of fatty acids. Often Dr. Kane will measure the fatty acids in your red cells. Then, she can adjust your intake of omega-3s and omega-6s to bring them back into balance.

Dr. Kane has trained scores of physicians in her methods. You or your physician can contact her Haverford Wellness Center in Philadelphia, PA at 610-924-0600 for training courses, physician referrals, or treatment.

If you have serious brain disease or if it runs in your family, Dr. Kanes treatment is absolutely the best available both to reverse and to prevent it. However, brain disease can hit any one of us. So its important to keep your brain in top working order.

In researching this article for you, I came across conflicting information on what might be the best oral EPL product to recommend. Since quality and price is a huge issue here, I have arranged to have the major competing brands assayed by an unbiased third party. As soon as the results are available, Ill let you know what the best formula is for your supplement regimen.