Quick Autism/Alzheimers Follow-Up

In the April and May issues, I told you about Dr. Yaskos incredible RNA products, which treat autism, Alzheimers, and other brain diseases. One aspect of Dr. Yaskos products I did not mention was her oral chelating products.

Even though these products are not technically chelation products (they are anti-virals), they still have a chelating effect on mercury. Dr. Yasko believes that infection in the brains of autistic kids and even in neurologically impaired adults (such as Alzheimers patients) holds onto mercury and isolates it. Many integrative physicians have seen cases of heavy metal-chelation tests repeatedly returning negative, even when it was clear that there should be lots of mercury.

Dr. Yasko believes the reason is because a hidden infection is hiding the mercury. Her answer to this problem is her non-prescription collection of RNA products called Metals I, II, III, and IV. They are designed to target (i.e., switch on the immune response against) hidden infections such as herpes viruses, measles, and others. When these products are administered, mercury suddenly comes pouring out. With the infection gone, the metals can be extracted much easier.

You might remember young Sam, who suffered from autism. Sam saw some amazing results using Dr. Yaskos RNA products, but he was still not fully recovered. So during his last visit, we added Dr. Yaskos Metals I.

Only one week later, his mom e-mailed me the following: Since we last saw you, Sam began taking Metals I and we have seen another change in his progress. Hes starting to use whole sentences, his ability to follow directions has improved, and hes very ‘chatty. Although sometimes we do not know what hes saying and we ask him to repeat himself and to slow down.

If you suffer from any brain disease and you are not seeing the results you would like to see from your current treatment options, I highly recommend you try these RNA products. You can order these and all of Dr. Yaskos RNA products from Longevity Plus-RNA.