Alzheimer’s May Be Prevented By Three Nutrients That Cut Brain Shrinkage By 53%

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Back in October, I told you that a vitamin B12 deficiency is one common cause of Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Shortly after I published that article, a major story on preventing Alzheimer’s disease made international news. According to this report, you can cut your risk of the dreaded disease by 50% just by taking B

That’s right! You don’t need a drug to stop this disease. In fact, this story should prove for all time why taking drugs for disease maintenance won’t ever work. Scientists at the University of Oxford conducted a trial on 168 people. They gave them high doses of three vitamin B supplements every day. The results startled the scientists. The treatment reduced brain shrinkage associated with dementia by up to 53%.

The authors suggested the findings were so strong that it should open up a debate as to whether doctors should prescribe the vitamins to everyone with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Research shows that half of those with MCI will go on to develop Alzheimer’s disease. In the UK, MCI afflicts 16% of people over 70. That’s 1.5 million people in the UK. In the U.S., the number six cause of death is Alzheimer’s!

Could B vitamins be the simplest, yet most effective means to reverse the disease? The answer, according to the authors, is yes!

Professor David Smith is a pharmacologist who co-authored the study. He said the results are “immensely promising.” He went on to say: “It is a very simple solution. You give someone some vitamins and you protect the brain.”

This is the first trial that has shown a glimmer of hope and success. It is the first one of its kind that has worked so clearly. I think it will change the whole direction of Alzheimer’s research.

The human brain naturally shrinks in volume as we get older. By age 60, it’s shrinking by as much as half a percent a year. In those with MCI, it accelerates to one percent a year. With Alzheimer’s, the shrinkage skyrockets to 2.5% a year. With the shrinkage comes severe memory problems, slower thoughts, and confusion.

The research, published in the journal Public Library of Science ONE, is controversial. Why? Because it defies current scientific dogma about the way to tackle Alzheimer’s.

It suggests simply taking vitamins can achieve results that have so far evaded pharmaceutical companies. And that’s despite the millions of dollars Pharma has spent on experimental dementia drugs.

Instead of following the company line, the Oxford scientists set out in a new direction. They targeted the abnormal physical shrinkage of the brain by prevention! Here’s how they made their discovery.

I’ve told you in the past about homocysteine — an amino acid found in the blood. Higher levels cause brain shrinkage in the elderly. Reasoning that less homocysteine might help, and knowing that three B vitamins lower the amino acid, they divided the 168 volunteers (over age 70) into two groups and treated and followed them for 2.5 years. Half of them took a “dummy tablet” and half took a tablet with large doses of folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6.

At the end of the trial, the researchers found the effects of the vitamin treatment were dramatic. In fact, the most pronounced benefit appeared in subjects who started out with the highest rates of brain shrinkage.

On average, taking B vitamins slowed the rate of brain atrophy by 30%. In many cases shrinkage reduced as much as 53%.

Professor Smith said: “This is a very striking, dramatic result. It’s much more than we could have predicted.”

The study was not designed to measure cognitive function directly. But, the researchers found that individuals with the lowest rates of shrinkage had the highest mental test scores. Dr. Smith said it’s still early to say exactly how vitamin B worked. But we know that the vitamins lower homocysteine, and they also support the membranes around your neurons!

Please, if you have noticed problems with cognitive function, or, if your doctor has told you that you have some brain shrinkage, please take plenty of B vitamins. When it comes to Alzheimer’s, this is one case where the benefits far exceed any risk (which is extremely low).

The doses the researchers used in this study were large. For B12, they were 300 times the RDA. The folate dosage was four times the RDA. And they took 15 times the RDA of vitamin B6. That computes to 900 mcg of B12, about 30 mg of B6, and 6 mg of folic acid. You can easily attain these doses by buying high potency individual vitamins at your health food store.

Ref: Alleyne, Richard. “Vitamin B is revolutionary new weapon against Alzheimer’s disease,” London Telegraph, September 9, 2010.

By Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD

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Ozone Therapy May Stop Arthritis, Ebola And Other Infections

frank shallenberger md

First off, let me say how excited I am to take the helm at Second Opinion. Robert and I have been friends and colleagues for years. And while I am sorry to see him retire from writing, I am thrilled for the chance to bring my healing message to his readers too. Welcome everyone to the new Second Opinion!

Let’s get started with something that’s all over the news right now: Ebola. People around the world are concerned about Ebola. What people don’t realize is that there could be a cure for Ebola. In fact, there’s a cure for just about any infection you might get. This includes bacterial infections, fungal infections, and even viral infections. What’s more, this treatment also heals painful joints. And doctors have found that you can use it for virtually any disease that the body is having difficulty healing.

That treatment is ozone therapy. To put it briefly, it is one of those things that is almost too good to believe. It uses a form of pure high-powered oxygen (medical grade ozone) that stimulates the body’s innate healing responses.

I first learned about it on a trip to Heidelberg, Germany in the early 1980s. Doctors all over Germany were using it – private doctors, specialists, and even
university doctors. So I took the course, learned how it works, and how to safely use it. It changed my life and the lives of my patients – forever.

Many of my patients with heart disease, diabetes, infections, allergies, and auto-immune diseases saw amazing results. And then a wonderful series of events happened which led me to a groundbreaking discovery. This discovery was so amazing that 30 years later, it’s changing the way many doctors treat pain and musculo-skeletal injuries. It started with an arthritic knee.

I learned in Germany that one effective way to help patients with from rheumatoid arthritis was to inject their knees with ozone. Then, one day, a woman came to the clinic with a severely damaged arthritic knee. Her doctors told her that she needed a total knee replacement. But due to her heart condition, no one would operate. Other than take pain pills, which really didn’t work very well, there was nothing left for her to do but limp. I’ll never forget her. She told me that her next door neighbor had sent her to me. I had injected both of her neighbor’s knees with ozone and she was much better. So this lady wanted the same treatment. But there was a problem.

Her neighbor had knee pain from rheumatoid arthritis. This lady’s pain came from osteoarthritis. These are two completely different conditions. I explained to her that as far as I knew, ozone therapy would not help her. I learned in Germany that ozone was effective for rheumatoid conditions. But no one ever mentioned using it for degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis.

Then she asked, “Well okay. It might not work, but will it make me worse?” I said I was sure that it was safe in the doses I used and that it would certainly not make her worse.

Her response was, “So let’s try it. I won’t hold it against you if it doesn’t work.” So that’s what I did.

Two weeks later she came in to see me for her follow up appointment. She had a great big smile on her face. Her pain was 80% gone. She had stopped all of her pain medication. And she was walking much better. After that I start injecting ozone into just about any area of the body that hurt. Time after time I found out that it worked great. Later on, I discovered that adding other ingredients to the mix, such as procaine, methyl B12, folic acid, B6, and glucose, improved the results even more.

I called the procedure Prolozone® Therapy.

By the time the 1990s rolled around, I decided that ozone therapy and Prolozone Therapy were ready for prime time in America. Up until then, very few doctors even knew about ozone much less were using it. And there was a grand total of one published paper on ozone therapy in the entire U.S. Library of Medicine.

So, at my wife Judy’s urging, in 1991, I offered the first ozone training seminar in the United States. Twelve doctors attended. Ever since then, I have been training doctors at these seminars twice a year. In the past few years, the seminars have been sold out months in advance, and the number 12 has increased to 60. That’s the max I can handle at one meeting!

Then, three years ago, another ah-ha moment came. I was in Madrid presenting a paper to an international ozone symposium when they asked me to be one of the founding members of the International Scientific Committee on Ozone Therapy (ISCO3). ISCO3 was formed to formally establish the science behind ozone therapy and standards of care. This was a very significant move to advance the cause of ozone therapy. Because here’s the problem.

Ozone therapy has been used throughout the world for over 50 years. More than 3,000 papers have been written and presented on the science and clinical effects of ozone therapy. But American conventional medicine still does not recognize it. And insurance companies and Medicare won’t cover it. This means that untold numbers of Americans are needlessly suffering and dying because they can’t get this safe, natural, effective therapy from their conventional doctors. That is not acceptable.

Conventional medicine is not going to easily accept any non-pharmaceutical treatment for anything, especially when it works and will reduce the use of medications and surgery. American medicine (not American doctors) is driven by profit. And since ozone costs virtually nothing, it completely lacks any kind of profit incentive. The only way that we’ll get it accepted in the U.S. is by establishing and teaching the science and clinical effectiveness behind it. So once again, I decided to get moving.

At the suggestion of my ISCO3 colleagues, in 2010, I established the American Academy of Ozonotherapy. You can learn more about the academy at our website: It was formed for two reasons: First, to promote and educate physicians and patients about ozone and Prolozone Therapy. Second, to make ozone and Prolozone Therapy an acceptable mainstream procedure so that everyone can have easy access to it. So far we have accomplished a lot toward those goals.

We have trained and credentialed close to 170 American doctors. You can find the closest one to you by going to the academy website. But there’s even more that the academy is doing for you.

Just this past March, we had our third annual scientific congress. Each year, the schedule has grown. And each year, the topics get even more exciting. We are learning more and more about how ozone therapy can work in even the most difficult medical problems. We are also learning about more ways that we can apply ozone to help people even more.

For example, in next month’s issue of Second Opinion, you’ll learn about some of the latest research on the treatment of chronic Lyme disease with a new ozone-based protocol that came out during the most recent congress. The results for this very complex disease have been nothing short of astounding.

And then, in many of the next few issues, you’ll learn about some of the other papers from our last congress. This includes an unbelievably effective treatment for MS (multiple sclerosis), how dentists are using ozone to protect their patients against some of the hazards and complications of root canals, using ozone to save patients from liver transplants, and the latest in veterinary use of ozone for previously lethal diseases. So stay tuned because I’ve got other great cures I’ll tell you about as well. You’ll learn about fantastic treatments for heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, eye diseases, and many more. You won’t want to miss an issue!

By Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD

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