“His Dad Was Killed In the Line Of Duty When He Was Only a Teenager”

Warrior Forum response Dear Mohamad, Thank you for your encouragement. I really appreciate your comments. “Be a hero yourself and be strong.” Sometimes it is tough being a hero in the matters of the heart. Running into a burning building to save people would almost seem easier because it is a one time event that … Read more

“Keep Your Family and Friends Close For True Healing From Loss Of Those Who Loved You the Most”

Dear MarkHBE, Thank you for your condolences. I am so sorry both your parents died when you were a teenager. Dealing with long illnesses is a challenging and oftentimes a horrific experience. After four years of taking care of my mom and dad, it was agonizing to see them deteriorate slowly, especially in the light … Read more

“All It Takes For Evil To Triumph Is For Good Men and Women To Do Nothing!”

Response to Warrior Forum Post Dear Sonia, So many of our parents were real heroes. They knew the meaning of sacrificing for their families and our society. They loved God, their family and this country! Isn’t it interesting that the children of the heroes of the “Greatest Generation” are really concerned about our society today … Read more

“What Happens To Society When the Greates Generation Is Dead and Gone?”

Dear skystar2 from the Warrior Forum My mom and dad were both in World War II. I believe Tom Brokaw was correct when he said they were the “Greatest Generation.” I agree that their values of devotion, duty and sacrifice for one’s family and country were deeply ingrained in them by their parents. Yes, my … Read more

“Thank You For the Virtual Hugs and Thoughts Of Love and Prayers”

Dear Wofawarrior, Thank your for your virtual hugs and feelings of love for me and my family. It is people like you and the other wonderful individuals who posted to this thread. It is amazing how much support I received from my internet family. So many people I don’t even know were praying for me … Read more