Trials, Tribulations, Obstacles and Difficulties Test Our Attitude

trials, tribulations, obstacles and attitude

Dear Warriors, Here is some more inspiration from Souza and Jason Potash. After reading the quote from Souza and Jason’s lowest moment, I realized that life is filled with problems and difficulties…every day. It is the attitude we choose that determines our happiness, how we respond to the obstacles. Either we are proactive and determine … Read more

“Stop Being a Whiner and Start Working Again to Help Make the World a Better Place”

Dear Readers, This quote by Soren Kierkegaard and Willie Crawford’s description of the lowest point in his life really inspired me to not be a whiner and get on with my life. I have decided move back to Texas, rent an apartment in Bedford Texas and get back involved in the community like before my … Read more

“You Don’t Understand What It Is Like Taking Care Of A Child Or Parent When They Are Dying Unless You Have Been Through It Yourself”

Warrior forum response Dear George, Thank you for your kind words. It is hard to understand what a family goes through when you have parents or a child who is sick and dying unless you have actually been through it or know intimately family members who are dealing with it or have been recently involved … Read more

“Is It Possible To Be Grateful For the Little Things In Life?”

Today I volunteered my time to go videotape Dr. Asa Morton’s HELPS Eye Care Mission that he goes on each year to dark recesses of Guatemala. I have photoed and videotaped his “Thank You Dinner” every year for the last three years. My dad really believed in helping the poor and unfortunate in other countries … Read more