This Fat Can Beat Your Family History for Disease

Almost every day, I hear patients tell me about diseases that run in their family. Some of the more terrifying ones are cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, multiple sclerosis, and Lou Gehrigs disease (ALS). But its certainly not limited to these.

The one common denominator in all of these patients is fear. Everyone is afraid they are destined to die from the same disease that got their mom, dad, or grandparents. But the one thing I try to give every patient who walks through my office door or reads this newsletter is hope. No matter how bad things might get, there is usually some ray of hope I can offer.

This month, that ray of hope is one of the most incredible stories I’ve ever discovered. Its the story of a fat that can completely prevent and, in many cases, reverse most hereditary illnesses. That means you are not necessarily destined to die from the same illness that took your mom or dad.

That may sound ridiculous. After all, I am the one who told you to reduce your fat intake as much as you possibly can. But I am also the one who told you that the right kinds of fat can work wonders in your body. And this fat will not only make you feel great, it will also reverse some of the most stubborn cases of disease I’ve ever seen. In fact, when many of the treatments I’ve told you about in these pages fail to bring the desired results, this fat oftentimes will save the day.

Just how well does this fat work? Well, let me tell you about Ben. He was suffering from ALS, which ran in his family. His case had progressed rapidly. He was not even 50 yet and his doctor gave him only two more years to live. He was walking with a cane and could not even open his hands. It would not be long before he would be in a wheelchair.

After his first treatment with this fat, he could open his hands and walk without the cane.

At the end of his two-week stay, he was jumping up and down with newfound enthusiasm. His doctor literally could not videotape him because he was now able to leap, twirl, and did so with abandonment!

On Easter Sunday, Ben and his wife danced up to the altar of their church. The congregation, which had supported his treatment, was ecstatic. There was not a dry eye in the house.

And Ben’s case is not a fluke. Patricia Kane, PhD, who developed this revolutionary treatment, has seen over 225 cases of ALS. She says most cases of ALS will at least stabilize. An astounding 75% of the cases have improved. And an absolutely incredible 35% will experience a significant reversal of their symptoms.

Many of those in wheelchairs will begin to walk. Others will walk without the help of a cane. And still others will regain the use of their hands. These are truly amazing results — from a fat.

I’ve gone over case reports for hundreds of patients who have experienced results no other doctor could achieve. But before I present some of their stories, let me tell you more about this fat and how it works.

You might remember a report I brought you several months ago on a breakthrough in cholesterol and vascular problems. The remedy I described was essential phospholipids or EPL. EPL is a unique form of lecithin made from soy. It can literally pull LDL cholesterol out of your body.

But now we know it does more than that. EPL can actually change your genetic predisposition for disease!

You may know that your genetics are determined by your DNA. But your DNA is hidden deep within the nucleus of your cells and is protected by the cell membrane. So its very difficult to make changes to your DNA.

However, Dr. Kane has discovered that you can manipulate your DNA by changing the health of your cell membrane. If your cell membrane is not healthy, it will send the wrong messages to your DNA. But if your cell membrane is healthy, it can have a very positive impact on your DNA.

The key to reversing your genetic predisposition to disease, then, is to improve the health of your cell membrane. A healthy cell membrane must be flexible enough to allow the right substances, such as hormones, into your cell. But it must be rigid enough to keep out unwanted small water-soluble molecules, such as sodium (which can cause your cells to swell).

To filter out unwanted molecules, your cell membranes have a design much like a sandwich. This sandwich is made out of three-part molecules. You can see in the diagram to the right that each molecule is made with a water-soluble protein (the round ball-shaped part) and two oil-soluble fatty acids, which are also called phospholipids (the tails). These molecules form two lines, with the tails facing each other, to make up your cell membrane.

Whats very interesting about the cell membrane is that cholesterol is an absolute requirement for a healthy membrane! It is waxy (also oily). Therefore, we find it mixed in with the fatty acid tails. About 30% of a normal membrane is cholesterol. Cholesterol actually makes your cell membranes stronger.

But there is a necessary balance to that rigid strength of cholesterol. When your cholesterol levels are too low, it can damage your cell membranes and cause them to leak. And, of course, too much cholesterol can also cause problems.

A cell membrane can become sticky, full of sludge, or perhaps one of the molecules was sticking out farther than another. When that happens, it prevents the membrane from efficiently sending commands to your DNA. All the information would still be there, but a gummed up membrane will transmit faulty commands.

So what might gum up your cell membrane? Bad fat! But what makes one fat good and another fat bad? Notice in the diagram the fatty acids have kinks. These kinks make a fat flexible and, therefore, good. If there are not any kinks, it causes rigidity. Saturated fats have no kinks, so they are stiffer.

You can see that in lard and butter. Their saturated fat is solid at room temperature. Unsaturated fats, such as olive oil, are more flexible and energetic. And they are liquid at room temperature. This is why the quality of the fats you ingest is so important. It determines how flexible and healthy your cell membranes are.

Suppose you have eaten a lot of plastic trans (hydrogenated) or heated fats (fried foods) during your life. These unnatural fats have either lost their kinks through heating or never had kinks to begin with. Worse, they do not fit into your cell membrane correctly. This reduces the membranes flexibility. If the membrane does not have normal flexibility, or the fats are not the right size, it will alter the function of your cell receptors. With altered receptors, your DNA might still be quite viable, but itnot functioning at peak performance.

But there is even more to it than just DNA control. All of these fats also have an impact on inflammation in your body. Good fatty acid balance releases chemicals that keep inflammation under control, while bad fatty acid balance promotes inflammation. And I’ve discussed in the past how inflammation is involved in most diseases.

What most people do not realize is that this inflammation does not just start overnight. It can take years for the bad fat to accumulate and cause the damage. Its likely the membranes started to weaken decades ago. In fact, it could have started before you were born. If your mother had a bad diet while she was pregnant, or if she did not breast feed, it could have caused bad fats to start to build up. That is diet, not genetics.

Then while you were growing up, you might have eaten all kinds of junk food made up of tasty but horribly toxic fatty acids. All of these build up over time. And they will catch up with you sooner or later. It might cause autism early in life, or it might cause you to develop Parkinsons, MS, or ALS later on. Or you might just accumulate lots of these toxic fats in your arterial cell membranes resulting in stiff and inflexible arteries and hypertension. This can run in families from diet, not genes.

Many of these diseases start in your brain. This is because the brain is made up largely of fat. The neurons in your brain are almost all membrane! But neurons divide only once every seven years or so. So it can take years to alter their fatty composition. I cannot over emphasize the importance of what your neuron membranes mean to the function of your brain. If they are subjected to years of indiscretion, they will accumulate a ton of toxic fats. That is one reason why I continually stress diet above all else in your quest for health. That is what can help your brain function when you are 95.

Of course, few of us have eaten a great diet all of our life. So almost every one of us has some accumulation of toxic fat in our brain (and elsewhere). In our culture, there is almost no way to avoid it.

So there is no reason to feel demoralized about having a chronic disease. In many ways, its not your fault. But now that you know what causes these diseases, you can start to make changes that will reverse them.

Obviously, diet is the first place to start. But you cant overcome a lifetime of poor eating habits very quickly. Changing your diet will stop the damage to your cell membranes from progressing. You need something that can return your cell membranes to good health quickly.

This is where essential phospholipids become so important. They make it possible to replace the bad fats with functional and essential fatty acids. That is why they are so effective in removing excess cholesterol.

In next months issue, Ill show you the two ways you can use EPL to rejuvenate your cell membranes. Ill also show you how it can work miracles with multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons, Lyme disease, hepatitis C, autism, and more. You will be amazed at how fast this simple fat can reverse these diseases.