“You Don’t Understand What It Is Like Taking Care Of A Child Or Parent When They Are Dying Unless You Have Been Through It Yourself”

Warrior forum response

Dear George,
Thank you for your kind words.

It is hard to understand what a family goes through when you have parents or a child who is sick and dying unless you have actually been through it or know intimately family members who are dealing with it or have been recently involved in such a situation.

Caregivers are truly a special breed, because it takes a certain amount of emotional and physical strength to deal with the emotional ups and downs that occur when you’re dealing with the death process.

Having been through it myself, it has really opened up my eyes to how important and valuable it is to be involved in the life and death process of our family members. When we go through the dying process with a child or parent, we begin to understand how fragile and strong life is, all at the same time.

Often times, there is nothing we can really do but just pray. The control of the situation is completely out of our hands.

It is frustrating, but also liberating to know that we are not God. There is a real peace in knowing that God decides when people live or die and all we have to do is be there and do whatever we can reinforcing the choice for life, unless the patient has chosen non-intervention.

Take care