Ebola Battled By Health Hero Robert Rowen MD In Sierra Leone With Ozone Update 11-22-14



Robert Jay Rowen, MD[1] and Howard F. Robins, DPM[2]

Press Release: Rapid Ebola Infection Cure

Drs. Robert Rowen, of Santa Rosa California and Howard Robins, of New York City, announce the first cure of the Ebola infection in the world with a safe treatment costing less than 40 USD. On Friday November 14, 2014, a physician at an Ebola treatment center in Sierra Leone in West Africa accidentally stabbed himself with an Ebola contaminated needle.

This doctor had been recently trained in the Rowen-Robins Ebola Treatment Protocol, which uses the specific Robins Method of Direct Intravenous infusion of ozone gas (DIV). Upon the emergence of symptoms 2 days later on Sunday November 16, he called Kojo Carew, MD of Freetown, Sierra Leone. Dr. Carew is the physician in charge of maintaining the program and equipment/supplies brought and taught by Rowen/Robins who came to Sierra Leone to teach the protocol at the invitation of President Ernest Bai Koroma in October 2014.  The infected doctor did not return to work on Monday November 17, 2014, which became his first day of treatment.

Dr. Rowen was informed of the needle stick on Sunday November 16, 2014, but was not advised that symptoms had yet developed. Rowen sent back instructions to treat him preventively and immediately with the protocol, believing the exposed doctor to be at great risk for symptoms to develop within 5 days. Dr. Robins, informed shortly after, concurred with the preventive protocol and urgency of treatment. Unbeknownst to Dr. Rowen, symptoms did develop on day 2 (Sunday November 16) – the doctor reported high fever, loss of appetite, abdominal distress, and significant fatigue, which symptoms were rapidly progressing, classic signs of Ebola. Treatment began the third day after the needle-stick.

After just 2 days of treatment (November 18, 2014), all symptoms were gone.  The doctor chose not to get an Ebola blood test at the time. A positive test would have mandated forced confinement in an Ebola treatment center where he would have been denied the ozone therapy. He believed this would likely have cost him his life, as the best clinics in Sierra Leone have a 60% death rate.

Rowen and Robins did not want to wait for a positive test, which can take several days to occur, believing the earlier this life-taking viral infection is aggressively treated, the higher the chances of recovery. Active treatment will be maintained for at least 10 days with reduced frequency for 7 days thereafter.

Confinement at a conventional Ebola treatment facility would have denied him continuing ozone therapy, which, in a first-time ever for the world, quickly reversed manifestation of the lethal Ebola disease. DIV ozone therapy is considered “experimental” for Ebola at this time and thus is not permitted in the treatment centers as yet, however, other experimental treatments are permitted.

Today, November 22, 2014, Dr. “X” is in apparent good health and completely symptom free.

Drs. Rowen and Robins are extremely pleased that the inexpensive DIV ozone, together with the other aspects of the treatment protocol (oral vitamin C, glutathione support) has resulted in the world’s first, fast, complete recovery from Ebola symptoms.

This release is put out before publication in a medical journal as Rowen and Robins believe that this news can and should lead to many saved lives, which to them are more important than routine medical reporting protocol; and that health authorities around the world now need to open their “eyes and minds” to thinking “out of the box” when approaching this lethal disease. Rowen and Robins remain continuously available for assisting in the world’s Ebola relief effort.

Summary: Ebola infection cured with extremely inexpensive cheap and totally safe treatment.


[1] 2200 County Center Dr. Ste C, Santa Rosa, CA 95403  707-578-7787  drrowen@att.net

[2] 200 W. 57th St  #807, New York, NY 10019  516-967-1009  drhowardrobins@gmail.com

Ebola Battled By Health Hero Robert Rowen MD In Sierra Leone With Ozone Update 11-19-14



I’ll tell you about my “quarantine” and its end (last Friday). It appears the each county and state will decide possibly differently how it will track those coming from West Africa.

In the case of my partner, Dr. Robins, the Nassau county authorities felt comfortable in just calling him daily. I had to be blessed with twice a day calls to check my temperature, and once a day physical visits at my house to make sure I knew how to take a temperature, and that I was not fudging it, and that they saw it taken right in front of their eyes. The public health authorities came out every day but one. I guess they thought I might know how to take a temperature that day.

I highly compliment the Sonoma county public health people on ALL scores except one, which I will get to in a moment. They wanted to be sure that the person they were tracking was, in fact, well monitored, not fudging temperatures, and not ill. This protects the public as well as me.

Now in my case, I told them that I wanted to go to Las Vegas to participate in a major meeting (American College for Advancement in Medicine) where I was chair of the oxidation workshop and was to present an award to a world class ozone researcher, Silvia Menendez, PhD of Cuba.

This trip was at the very end of the “quarantine.” The authorities did not “approve” of the travel, but respectfully, did not attempt, or even suggest that they would obstruct it. They simply wanted to know how I was getting there so that in the small chance I fell ill, they could retrace my footsteps. And, they went to far as to arrange for a local Las Vegas public health official to pay a personal visit each of the last two days.

So, to the amusement of all those to whom I was speaking, I was visited WHILE on the podium to have my temperature checked (photo posted). Everyone was in stitches laughing.
We thanked the lady for doing her job, and, of course I was checked on the following day, Friday, day 21, and thanked for my cooperation, that she would forward my cooperation to Sonoma county officials, and told me it was all over for me. No calls or visits since (smile).

I have “graduated.”

Tomorrow I return to work and my patients won’t have to fear. Please know that the public health authorities are doing all that they can, and what can be reasonably done, to protect you, the exposed person, and that I am 100% on their side.
What I didn’t like in my case, was, after I agreed in writing to be monitored and restrict activities, that they administratively ORDERED me to comply. I felt that demeaning and unfitting under the circumstances of my 100% cooperation. I told them so as well.

Also, none of my colleagues at ACAM were inhibited at all about shaking my hand or hugging me, seeing me alive and well, even before the official “end’ of the 21 days observation.