Ebola Battled By Health Hero Robert Rowen MD In Sierra Leone With Ozone Update 10-22-14


We were up earlier today to complete training for the young doctors/nurses group that began yesterday. Interestingly, some of the health professionals are so interested in what we are providing that they have attended EVERY day, including St. Adella, an angel on the front line.

Howard finished the Ebola ozone treatment training, whilst Dr. Carew asked me to train him and a few others on other aspects of ozone therapy, including prolozone. This day, the chief doctor of the SL Doctors and Dentists Association, who was mighty skeptical at first, actually received intravenous ozone herself after doing mine, and then quickly came up to have me treat her knee, which turned out to be a tendon problem.

She left very pleased, as did an OB/GYN doctor who had pain going down his right leg to his foot. He was amazed that an injection into his SI joint fixed the entire problem.  Few others were surprised. They had expected the results. I have posted the video on my you tube channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d13TQuTsWD4 so if interested, please go there to see it. While I am uploading it now, internet connection here is close to dial up. And power goes out so frequently that the likelihood is that I won’t get it posted until I get back.

Then we reaped the fruit of our meetings yesterday with His Excellency, President Ernest Bai Koroma. He directed the country’s chief medical officer, who answers to the Minister of Health, to meet together with Prof. Monty Jones, and us a key person, close to the President. Dr. Jones was the facilitator in us getting the important invitation letters from the President’s office, and piquing the Presidents now strong interest in ozone therapy for Ebola.

We now have a meeting scheduled for 9 am tomorrow morning at which we will meet with the chief Ebola treating physician, and the Ebola coordinator for Sierra Leone, who was Minister of Defense previously. Prof Jones will join us. They all can have an ozone treatment if they want it. We then are to proceed with machines and supplements to begin treating Ebola at the SL treatment center in Freetown.

So, it’s looking better that actual treatments will get off the ground, hopefully as soon as tomorrow. As we expect improvement in as little as 48-72 hours, I might have some feedback even before I return (I hope). If we don’t get past these people, we’ll have to return to the President, who is still alive and well today after his sample preventive ozone treatment!

I developed a few sniffles on the third day (yesterday), and received ozone yesterday and today. In the last few years my colds seems to only come on with long jet travel. Suffice to say, the treatment worked like a charm. I felt terrific today, and was screened for temperature to enter an Ebola government meeting. My temperature was a mere 94.8, even in the sweltering heat.

I also want to mention that at Dr. Carew’s church, most everyone had a family or friend lost to Ebola. The pulpit asking us to give the congregation a message of why we came honored us. In the face of great hardship and loss, hope is about all they have here, and hope is what we intended to bring. The economy has been ravaged. The Indian restaurant where we have been eating is quite new and modern with about 20 tables. We were the only ones there.

Warm regards from hot and humid Sierra Leone