Ebola Battled By Health Hero Robert Rowen MD In Sierra Leone With Ozone Update 10-21-14


This was a remarkable day. We trained 20 additional brave soldiers (doctors and nurses) who will be in the trenches. (We trained 30 yesterday). I got to do the first prolozone treatments in Sierra Leone. Dr. Kojo Carew watched in amazement as his mother and father in law, who presented to me in significant pain from knee osteoarthritis (and hip osteoarthritis), hobbling into the room, got off the table, got off the treatment table, started walking normally and expressed a glow of joy from ear to ear. Dr. Kojo had expected it. He’s seen most of my you tube videos.At 12:30 pm, our training was interrupted in order to visit with the President of the country. It seems some ministers were wanting our Ebola treatment project to proceed 300 miles from the capital, Freetown. Totally unacceptable. We are in Freetown, the equipment is in Freetown, and so are plenty of victims. Dr. Carew pulled off another miracle in getting an audience. The President was not aware of this and said he would immediately meet with the ministers to remedy the situation. Then, he asked us to return to meet with him again at his personal residence in the evening. We did and met with him for 90 minutes.
He appeared to be a very intelligent, concerned man, looking out for his people. His first concern was protection for those bravest of souls in the front lines. The good news is that the man who catalyzed our mission, Jeff McNamara of Colorado, is an ozone decontamination specialist who has designed equipment to STERILIZE treatment environments with ozone fogging. This will be a major breakthrough and put SL treatment centers way ahead of the other countries ignorant of, and closed to, ozone therapy and decontamination.Believe it or not, this open-minded leader became the first chief executive of any country (that we know of) to ask for and receive an ozone treatment!!! If you don’t think the hand of God is not moving this mission, please reconsider. Kojo Carew, MD has been able to accomplish miracles, inclusive today of 2 hours with the SL president! We asked for only one thing in return. After Ebola is purged from SL, that he will formally issue us an invitation back to SL so that we can physically shake his hand instead of the virtual handshake we had to do under the circumstances. He smiled and said, “That’s a good deal.” IN the meantime, I had special time with his wife, the First Lady, who is both an organic chemist and a nurse. I explained how and why ozone should be the ideal treatment for Ebola, above anything that can be designed chemically, and she did seem to agree.Tomorrow we distribute the supplies, equipment, and supplements, and hopefully some Ebola patients will be treated by late in the day or the following day, now that the President will have directed the ministers. We face a two-edge sword. We need to be sure things are done right, and workers protected, but every day’s delay means more deaths that might have been prevented. When asked before about 30 doctors yesterday if they knew someone lost to Ebola, most everyone raised his/her hand.

Again, thank you for your positive thoughts, prayers and support. That we met and had such quality time with the President of the country is a miracle in itself!

Monday afternoon, I gave a second scientific presentation on ozone therapy. Dr. Eva, who is chairwoman if the West Africa Association of Physicians and Dentists came back for more science . She had been highly skeptical before the first lecture. Let’s just say this powerful physician has had a totally transformed attitude, which by the way, could happen in the USA if the doctors would but at least LOOK at the science. She did, and what an effect it had on her! I played some before and after videos of my own patients, and they all admitted openly that had they not seen the results (posted on You Tube) they would never had believed it.

On another note, I am well, not exposed to Ebola, but taking all the usual precautions, inclusive of daily ozone treatments. I gave Dr. Robins his ozone treatment today. We are working LONG LONG days. Tonight, sleep at 1:45 am, up at 7:30 am.

Warm regards from hot and humid Sierra Leone,