“Have You Ever Had One of Those DAYS?” by Ralph Zuranski

Man alive could I ever use some sleep.
After changing my dad’s diapers four times last night, I could definitely use a nap. But, that is not on the agenda for today. After my dad woke up, I helped him get on the transfer table in the tub so I could give him a nice long shower. That is still one of the great pleasures of life.

After feeding him a quarter of a sandwich…he never is hungry and does not eat often so looks like a poster child for the Nazi death camps. All the medications make it almost impossible to get his weight back up. He just refuses to eat if he is not hungry. It is so frustrating to see him waste away.

Focusing on the good things around you can really help your attitude.
I did take dad out into the beautiful San Diego afternoon with the blue sky, radiant sun, glorious flowers and of course I put on his favorite classical music. He wanted to see his beloved orchids one more time.

Being with the people you love and that love you is one of life’s greatest joys and sorrows.
Just sitting there with him, perhaps one of the last times brought tears to my eyes. He was so tired I had to put him back to bed after a few short minutes.

I just pray the aneurysm does not burst before the doctors appointment on Wednesday.
Sometimes it feels like he is a goner if the aneurysm bursts or he goes for the surgery. It is so frustrating to feel powerless. “Why do people have to get old and sick anyway? I know…it is a part of God’s plan.

With a lack of sleep, the frustration levels are mounting.
Changing diapers all the time really gets to you after a while. Now I realize just how much my wife puts up with while I am working out in the tool shed in the small amount of space I share with all my dad’s tools.

The last couple of years have been ones for the trials and tribulations record books for so many people all over the world.
Our suffering seems miniscule compared to what many others are going through. I feel it is important to be grateful for whatever is going on in your life because there are always so many others who have it much worse.

Life can be tough sometimes and you wonder if you can take even one more drop of adversity, but God always says He will provide the strength we need if we go to Him in prayer.
Janet is down in LA to see her mom for one last time before the agressive cancer permanetly damages her kidneys, liver and pancreas. We believe her time is near.

I really appreciate all your prayers.
If you need prayers also, please let me know and I will ad you to my prayer list. When this part of our lives is over, I intend to have an In Search Of Heroes interveiws section just for those who take and took care of sick people in their families. They are not only heroes but saints!

“For the Lord sees not as a man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

Wow! Taking care of someone that is sick in your family really is a heart expander. The more you have to sacrifice your personal desires, the greater your love becomes for the person you are taking care of.