“My Dad Cried While He Asked Me To Promise To Take Care Of My Mom If He Dies” by Ralph Zuranski

Does my dad know something I don’t?
When we went to church today, I asked everyone to pray for my dad. He will be going in for an angiogram on Wednesday. The docotors decided that his coumadin levels were to high to operate. He would have bled to death if they had operated on Wednesday.

Having dad a home with us during Thanksgiving was a great joy. We took some special family photos, and may be the last that we ever take with dad in them. It is almost like a sword of Damocles hanging above all of our heads. No one wants dad to have the invasive surgery, to have a stent placed into the area where the aneurysm is threatening to break through.

The question arises, “What are we going to do?” We know that the angiogram could potentially prove fatal. Also, if the doctors place the stent into the artery that is weakened, that could be fatal. If we don’t do anything, the aneurysm could burst and that would be fatal.

Sometimes you wonder what is the best thing to do. We are bound and determined to let the dad decide what it is that he wants to do, since it is his life. He made the decision the other night, while crying, that he wants to go ahead with the procedure. He does not want anyone else to have the burden of making this life and death decision.

Fear is our constant companion. We pray that dad will survive the angiogram and also the surgery. We appreciate your prayers. This next week will definitely tell the tale.

If my family pops into your mind in the next week, please think positive thoughts and say a prayer for my dad. I appreciate your concern and compassion. Your prayers and positive thoughts have a powerful impact on my ability to carry on.