Ozone Therapy Powerful Eye Disease And Diabetic Complications Cure

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Last month, I showed you how ozone is not the boogeyman everyone thinks it is. Just because ozone is present when smog is heavy doesn’t mean ozone is what causes the smog. Rather, when we use ozone in therapy, it harnesses the power of oxygen to stimulate the body to heal. But there is a big problem with ozone therapy: It seems too good to be true.

When doctors tell their colleagues how well it works, they are often met with blank stares and a swift change in the conversation. But ozone therapy is not just another medical wonder of the month. The hard science and clinical data is there. About two months ago, the most prolific ozone researcher in the world, Dr. Silvia Menendez, contacted me. She said that she was going to be in the United States, and would like to visit me. What a delight! And when you hear what she has discovered in her research over the past 23 years you will be amazed.

First, let me tell you a little about her. Dr. Menendez is Cuban. That’s an important detail that I will discuss in a moment. She graduated in 1972 with a PhD in chemistry, and began working in the Cuban National Center for Scientific Research. In 1986, Dr. Menendez learned about all of the research and clinical work that researchers in Germany were doing with ozone therapy. Like me, she was intrigued with how a simple, non-toxic, natural therapy could be so effective for so many medical conditions. So that very year, she first introduced ozone therapy into use in Cuba.

Since then Dr. Menendez has been slightly busy. She created and directed the world’s first Ozone Research Center. She then authored or co-authored 159 research studies, which she published in peer- reviewed medical and scientific journals. She also presented 244 papers in 51 international and national ozone congresses — all of them in the field of ozone therapy. In short, Dr. Menendez is a treasure trove of information when it comes to the medical use of ozone.

With a scientist of this stature coming to visit me, there was no way that I was going to hog her all to myself. Dr. Menendez is rarely able to get permission from the Cuban government to come to the United States. So with the help of Drs. Bill Domb, DDS and Mark Weiser, DDS, we were able to round up 23 doctors, dentists, naturopaths, and chiropractors from all over to come to my clinic for a marvelous six-hour presentation on ozone therapy by Dr. Menendez. So, let me now give you some of the highlights of that amazing day.

First, let’s look at how ozone can benefit your eyes. In several studies, Dr. Menendez and her colleagues were able to show a consistent improvement in patients with macular degeneration using ozone therapy alone. Ozone therapy – all by itself (no drugs, supplements, or foods) – consistently enhanced both visual acuity and visual field.

What about glaucoma? In the field of natural medicine there is very little that doctors can do for glaucoma. Dr. Menendez studied 482 patients with open-angle glaucoma. After only three weeks of therapy, the ozone stabilized the condition in 100% of the patients. Medicine has never seen this happen before!

Retinitis Pigmentosa is a genetic disease of the eyes that damages the retina and causes blindness. It happens to about 1 in every 4,000 Americans. There is no conventional treatment that will stop the progression of this disease. In a recent study, Dr. Menendez treated 68 patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa with ozone, and measured their visual fields and acuity. In a remarkable reversal of the condition, ozone improved visual acuity an average of 12%, and visual field an average of 25%. What’s more, she saw these results in only three weeks.

After six months of therapy, the visual acuity improvement climbed to 19%, and the visual field improved 70%! I told you this stuff was hard to believe.

She then discussed several pretreatment experiments. In these experiments, the researchers treated animals with ozone before exposing them to various toxic conditions. Normally, these toxic conditions result in either kidney or heart disease. In all of the experiments, pretreating the animals beforehand with ozone therapy saved them from disease. However, the ones receiving the placebo went on to develop the disease. These studies very graphically show the disease prevention aspects of ozone therapy.

In another study, Dr. Menendez and colleagues were able to show that ozone therapy decreases platelet aggregation by a whopping 80%. Why is that so important? Excessive platelet aggregation leads to blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks. The conventional treatment for platelet aggregation is taking aspirin and/or Plavix. But these drugs cause ulcers and internal bleeding. Ozone therapy has no side effects at all.

Just this past month I heard about two patients who died in our local hospitals from infections despite the most expensive antibiotics money could buy. These hospitals could have saved their lives if they had used ozone therapy. Dr. Menendez reported on two experiments in which the addition of ozone therapy to the use of antibiotics doubled the effectiveness of the antibiotics. In these studies, many of the animals that had the combination lived while most taking only the antibiotic died.

One of the best treatments there is for diabetes and the complications of diabetes is ozone therapy. I covered that topic in my book, The Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough (to order, call 800-610-5605). One of the more serious problems with having diabetes is that it can cause blindness by damaging the retina. The condition is called diabetic retinopathy. The conventional therapy is to laser the retina. Dr. Menendez told me about a study in which they treated two groups of patients with diabetic retinopathy. They treated one group with laser therapy. They treated the other group with laser therapy combined with ozone therapy. The results were 25-40% better in the combination group.

How about leg ulcers? Leg ulcers in diabetics and in people with varicose veins are an all too common problem. They can be a big source of pain and distress. And they often won’t heal despite the best medical care. Dr. Menendez looked at 60 patients who suffered from leg ulcers. All of them had battled the sores for over two years. She found that when she treated the ulcers with ozone therapy, it cut their healing time in half.

But there’s even more benefit for diabetics. Diabetics and anyone suffering from atherosclerotic conditions often require leg amputations. In many cases, ozone can save these legs. And even when they can’t save the entire leg, it can markedly reduce the level of amputation. In one experiment, Dr. Menendez examined a group of patients who had gangrene. Half received ozone therapy and the other half had conventional therapy. The ozone therapy group had twice the improvement after only six weeks.

Peyronies disease is a condition that affects about 1 in every 100 men. It is a scarring condition that causes a significant bend in the penis during erection. It causes pain during intercourse. For many men, it makes intercourse impossible. It also causes a lot of stress and anxiety. The only conventional treatment is surgery, and that can often fail and even make matters worse. Menendez reported on one group of men who were treated with ozone therapy for 4.5 months. 26% of them had excellent results. Another 40% had enough improvement to allow for a normal sex life. And only 10% failed to show any improvement.

There’s more. What if I told you it’s possible for ozone to improve the mental status of 90% of dementia patients? Would you be interested? Ozone can do it. Dr. Menendez treated 250 patients with dementia of various kinds with ozone therapy. In only three weeks, ozone improved the mental status of 90% of them. In fact, 84% of them experienced significant improvement in their daily life activities. These include self-care, eating, and walking.

Dr. Menendez also studied a group of women whose cervixes were infected with HPV (human papilloma virus). HPV can lead to cervical cancer. Ever since Big Pharma patented a vaccine for HPV called Gardasil, most people have heard about HPV. The vaccine not only does not effectively control HPV, it also can cause disastrous neurological injury and death. Dr. Menendez treated a group of women who had the HPV infection and who had grade-one cervical cancer. She had each woman inject 1 cc of ozonated sunflower oil vaginally for 20 days. The results were astounding — the ozone-treated oil CURED 70% of the women.

She also described how using ozonated sunflower oil can cure giardia infections, the fungus that grows under toe nails, skin fungal infections, and venereal warts.

What’s truly amazing is that this is a very short list of all the uses for ozone therapy that Dr. Menendez talked about. It also revitalizes joints, back, and necks, cures heart disease, treats cancer, cures interstitial cystitis, cures chronic intestinal disorders of all kinds, and successfully treats virtually every chronic infection there is. (You can learn all about it in my new book, The Principles and Applications of Ozone Therapy — A Practical Guideline for Physicians, which you can buy on Amazon.)

But here’s the question. Why is 90% of the world’s clinical and scientific literature on ozone therapy coming from a poor country like Cuba, while the National Institute of Science in the richest nation in the world has yet to perform one study on ozone therapy? The answer is obvious — money.

Ozone is inexpensive. But everything we use here in the good old US of A is profit driven. Cuba, on the other hand, is looking for treatments that work and are not expensive. Furthermore, it’s safe. And that’s another problem. Because things that are safe don’t lead to further medical expenses. Safety is not profitable either.

But while you are waiting for mainstream medicine to accept ozone therapy, as it most surely will do one day, know this: There are many doctors, dentists, and other health care practitioners with full training in ozone therapy. They are using ozone therapy right now just like Dr. Menendez describes. You can find them
in the referral section of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy (AAO) website (www.aaot.us).

And if your practitioner has not yet learned how to harness this miracle of healing, do him or her a favor and let them know about it. Many of the really great natural therapies that I have learned about over the years came to me from patients. So don’t be embarrassed. Refer them to my book, the academy website, and to the schedule for professional training at www.ozonecourse.com. And let him or her know that Dr. Menendez will be offering a very special three hour workshop at the next meeting of the AAO. No doctor should miss this!

And if you suffer from any of the conditions I’ve mentioned in the issue, please don’t hesitate to insist on ozone treatment. It could save your legs, your eyesight, your mental acuity, or your life.

By Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD

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