Women More Arthritis In Knees Than Men…Avoid It

Did you know that women are far more susceptible to pain in their leg joints than men? In fact, women get twice as much osteoarthritis in their knees as men. And the reason is so simple that most women never give it a thought. If you have ankle, knee, or hip pain and wear high … Read more

Statins Make You More Likely To Catch The Flu

I’ve told you in the past that statins do lower cholesterol — at a price. They also cause mild-to-severe muscle pain or weakness, liver damage, digestive problems, and a rash or flushing. But there’s another health problem statins cause. And you won’t hear this from your doctor. The problem? Statins can make you more susceptible … Read more

Vitamin D Is The Nutrient That Helps Dozens Of Health Problems

Just about every week we hear about one single nutrient deficiency that’s linked to yet another disease. Studies claim that at least part of the solution to these illnesses — and sometimes the sole answer — is to raise blood levels of this common nutrient. Osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, MS, lupus, cancer, rheumatoid  arthritis, skin … Read more

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Continue To Be Attacked By Conventional Medicine

Osteoarthritis in the hip and knees is painful, and some pharmaceuticals may help. But they can also contribute to stomach pain and heart problems. That’s why thousands of people are turning to natural products that don’t have these side effects. While many people find relief from their pain, studies on the effectiveness of these products … Read more

Inflammation May Cause Breast Cancer But Can Be Stopped With New Discovery

I’ve talked before about the role of inflammation in disease. We’re finding that it’s at the core of most serious illnesses. But all inflammation isn’t harmful. In fact, some is beneficial. It can destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It’s when it becomes chronic and lodges in a specific area that it can lead to various … Read more