Parasites Are At Epidemic Levels And May Be Eating You Alive

ralph zuranski photo Robert Rowen, MD, Editor Second Opinion Newsletter. Parasites and parasitic infections at epidemic levels. Parasites are the hidden plague. Few medical tests exist.

Robert Rowen, MD Parasites Hidden Epidemic Levels of the big hidden causes of diseases and ill-health is parasites and vicious, harmful bacteria, viruses and fungus. Most of us are microbial zoos. Yesterday, I decided to wage war against my unholy host of pathogenic critters.

I pulled out my two parasite and microbe zappers. One is a prototype and the other is based on the work of Hulda Clark. Time to begin the electronic warfare against all my free-loading microscopic bugs. For more info do a Google search for Dr. Hulda Clark, a pioneer researcher in the impact of parasites and microbes on our health. I did not believe her work until I witnessed the world of microbes through high tech microscopes that show an unbelievable alien world of hideous creatures feasting on our bodies, poisoning us with their waste. Yikes!