Ebola Battled By Health Hero Robert Rowen MD In Sierra Leone With Ozone Update 10-20-14


Hello from Sierra Leone, end of Day 2.

Dr. Kojo Carew, our host, ranks among the most amazing men I’ve ever met. He is a person I can truly say walks with God. We learn more about his accomplishments every day from saving the lives of those with severed arms from terrorists during Sierra Leone’s long wars of more than a decade ago, to his medical accomplishments, to building two hospitals, one for paying patients, and the other for those who cannot pay, and the only difference – the level of accommodation, not the standard of care. These are just openers. He is such a local hero that he is well connected to people in power, though he seeks none for himself.

He has been able, and I TRULY believe with the help of God, to pull off the impossible in lining up doctors to listen to us, and then come in today for training. We trained 28 doctors and nurses today how to do the Robins method of DIV ozone. These people are the real heroes. They are putting themselves on the very front line to help their countrymen, knowing that in 4 weeks they could be amongst the dead. We are scheduled to train another 30 tomorrow, and meet the President of the country on Tuesday.

We went to Dr. Carew’s church today. I’ve been to churches before, but not like this one. This one was filled with Spirit and love even with the crisis all around. One of the church deacons discovered only yesterday that his mother has Ebola now. We will do everything possible to see that she is treated by someone we trained, but that depends heavily on transport.

Again, by Providence, all our equipment arrived with us and I got to open it today and it is all intact. All the participants got their first direct intravenous ozone treatment after they saw me take 65 cc of gas. That softened them up. They just got 20 cc.

Tomorrow is another day of intense training and then afternoon lectures. I am hopeful that the first Ebola patient will be treated late tomorrow.

Please continue to shower us with your prayers and share this with others. They (your prayers) have been answered so far.  Please visit my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DrRobertJRowen for daily postings, and feel free to share.

Warm regards from hot and humid Sierra Leone.