Electronic Zapper, Prayers, Rosary Before God…What Worked?

energy points in ear

Does a Hulda Clark electronic zapper device do anything at all? You feel no sensation or tingling during the 7 minute treating part of the three sessions.  It is three treatments 7 minutes long, with two 20 minutes off resting periods between the 3 treatment sessions. Well, I believe it is one step in the … Read more

Are You Being Eaten Alive By “No Seeums” Or By A Vicious Parasite Army Seeking To Ravage Your Precious Organs

Have you every been eaten alive by “no seeums?” I was laying out in the 100 degree sun a couple days ago to get my quotient of vitamin d. I had no idea tiny bugs were feasting on the sun-browned flesh. I was sweating so much, my back was streaming with sweat as I lay in … Read more

Parasites Are At Epidemic Levels And May Be Eating You Alive

http://www.insearchofheroes.com Robert Rowen, MD, Editor Second Opinion Newsletter. Parasites and parasitic infections at epidemic levels. Parasites are the hidden plague. Few medical tests exist. Robert Rowen, MD Parasites Hidden Epidemic Levels http://ow.ly/AW4O5One of the big hidden causes of diseases and ill-health is parasites and vicious, harmful bacteria, viruses and fungus. Most of us are microbial zoos. Yesterday, … Read more