Prolozone May Cure The Cause Of Your Pain

Last December, I had the privilege of traveling to India again. If you’ve read any of my previous stories about my journeys to this impoverished nation, you know some of the medical miracles I’ve seen there from the innovative treatments I brought them. This trip was no different. In fact, I saw some of the … Read more

Prostate Cancer Caused By…And How You Can Stop It!

If you really want to cure a disease, you have to find the cause of it and fix the cause. Sometimes, finding the cause of cancer is very difficult. But this month, I’d like to tell you about a preliminary report that unravels the mysterious cause and development of prostate disease. What’s more, there is … Read more

Proteins May Be The Reason You’re Losing Bone and Muscle Mass

If you’re over 50, what is the most critical aspect of your health that is routinely overlooked by virtually every doctor? If you go to your doctor and ask for a preventive medicine workup, it’s likely that your doctor will overlook one of the most important tests you can have done. He’ll check for cancer, … Read more

Electronic Zapper, Prayers, Rosary Before God…What Worked?

energy points in ear

Does a Hulda Clark electronic zapper device do anything at all? You feel no sensation or tingling during the 7 minute treating part of the three sessions.  It is three treatments 7 minutes long, with two 20 minutes off resting periods between the 3 treatment sessions. Well, I believe it is one step in the … Read more

Hydrocortisone-This “Dangerous” Hormone Can Wipe Out Fatigue and Boost Your Energy

If you’ve ever had poison ivy or a very itchy rash, you may have used hydrocortisone cream to reduce the irritation. But there’s a lot more to that you need to know. Hydrocortisone is not a drug, it is a hormone. Your adrenal glands make it every minute of your life. You already have blood levels … Read more