Ozone Therapy Powerful Eye Disease And Diabetic Complications Cure

Last month, I showed you how ozone is not the boogeyman everyone thinks it is. Just because ozone is present when smog is heavy doesn’t mean ozone is what causes the smog. Rather, when we use ozone in therapy, it harnesses the power of oxygen to stimulate the body to heal. But there is a … Read more

Why the FDA Won’t Let You Take B6 A Powerful Vitamin for Alzheimer’s

What if I told you there’s a vitamin that can help you avoid many of the complications of diabetes? What if I also told you this same vitamin helps prevent and treat Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cataracts, and many other health problems? Would you be interested? Of course you would. Well, such a vitamin exists. It’s … Read more

Autoimmune Diseases Can Be Cured By Helping Your Immune System

  Ask any traditional specialist in autoimmune diseases and he will tell you for sure that autoimmune disease is not curable. But what I can tell you is that in most cases he would be wrong. In fact, the only thing that traditional medicine has to offer patients with autoimmune disease is simply to alleviate … Read more

Blood Clots Causing Sudden Death Is Avoidable

I will never forget something that happened one afternoon about five years ago. A woman came to see me, and with tears in her eyes in a trembling voice said, “My son just died, and I need some help.” It was very sad. Her 26-year-old son was in the hospital for appendicitis. The doctors successfully … Read more

Ozone Therapy May Stop Arthritis, Ebola And Other Infections

First off, let me say how excited I am to take the helm at Second Opinion. Robert and I have been friends and colleagues for years. And while I am sorry to see him retire from writing, I am thrilled for the chance to bring my healing message to his readers too. Welcome everyone to … Read more